1: Joe Gives Up

“This will never work for me!” shouted Joe out loud. “How will I ever lose weight and keep it off?” Joe looked in the mirror. There he was wearing them again. His fat pants. Eight months ago Joe was at 50 lbs lighter. He was working out 5-6 days a week. He was eating properly and he was wearing cooler instyle clothes. He was happier and he smiled more. But now with tears in his eyes he thought to himself, “I don’t even know why I even try.”Joe had gone through years of losing weight and feeling great shortly after he was gaining it all back. He did it over and over again and he didn’t know why he could just shed that weight and keep it off.
“This is it! This is the last time. I should just accept the fact I’m fat and I’ll stay like this forever.”
Joe gathered up all of his thin clothes and put them in a box. “I guess I’ll never need these again.” He decided that he was going to donate the clothes to charity but on the way he was going to the ice cream parlor and get an ice cream sundae. “If I’m going to be fat then I might as well enjoy the foods that fat people like.”
Joe’s sundae was huge: chocolate sauce, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips, marmallows, whipped cream and a cherry on top. As Joe was enjoying his sundae, Jake walked in. Jake had gone through the same weight roller coaster that Joe had gone through in the past. The often dieted together and worked out together. This time however Jake didn’t put the weight back on like Joe did.
“It’s good to see you Joe! What’s with the box of clothes?” said Jake.
“Oh these… um these are just some clothes that I’m giving away.”
“But you just bought these 3 months ago. I was there when you bought them. Why?”
“They don’t fit me anymore. I’ve decided to stop trying to lose weight and just accept the fact that I’m fat. I keep losing the weight and gaining it back over and over again. I just figure why bother. You know you’ve been through the same thing. Why don’t you join me? You’ll probably just gain all the weight back too in a month or so.”
Jake took a big sigh and turned to Joe. “Listen, I know that you’ve gained the weight back but I am not going to. I’ve already thrown away my fat clothes. I found something out and we need to talk.”

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