1 Simple Question That Can Change Your Opinion On Your Own MLM Company

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This is not a pitch.

You might think that this will be a pitch to tell you that the MLM Company that I am in is the best. That is not what this is about. In fact, I won’t even tell you which one of MLM Companies that I am in.

Do you want to know what the Best MLM Company is to join? Would you like to know what the Top MLM Companies are? Which MLM opportunity are you most likely to succeed with?

I made this video because many people ask for these questions but they are forgetting the most important question. I’m tired of seeing amazing wonderful people join what they think is a “top mlm company” only to fail.

Many people out there will tell you that when you are looking at different MLM Companies, make sure to look at:
1.  The company
2.  The Product/Service
3.  The Compensation Plan
4.  The Leadership
5.  The Timing

(I even made a video about that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-L5iaFJMT8)

Those Are All Things To Consider But There Is Something More Important!

It isn’t important which one is the top MLM Company or the best MLM Company of even the which has the best MLM compensation plan, it’s about which MLM company are you most passionate about. Your success in MLM isn’t so much about the MLM company that you are in. It’s more about how much work you will do with in that MLM company. The work you do is based on how excited and how passionate you are about your MLM company and it’s product/service.

For example let’s take 2 (imaginary) MLM Companies that you have rated.
MLM Company A:  Let’s pretend that this company rates the highest when it comes to timing, leadership, MLM compensation plan etc.
In other words, it’s a great company. You even have some friends in the MLM company that are very successful.

MLM Company B: This company, has great ratings but it’s not the highest. Still an absolutely awesome company just doesn’t rate the highest.

There is one man difference between the 2 MLM companies as far as you are concerned. MLM company A has a product that is popular but doesn’t really excite you while MLM company B has a product that you are really passionate about.

If you join MLM Company A, you’ll probably get left behind. It’s hard to market and sell a business that you are not excited about. Your prospects and your downline will see that you aren’t excited and that’s a tough place to begin a business. I’m sure that you know someone that has joined an “awesome” company and many people except for them got very successful. It might not be someone you know, you may have experienced something like that personally.

If you join MLM Company B, you are more likely to be successful. MLM Company B might not be growing as fast or might not be as big as MLM Company A but who cares? MLM company momentum doesn’t matter as much as your personal momentum in business. Would you rather make some money in MLM Company B rather than get left behind and make little or no money in MLM Company A?

So when you are looking at MLM Companies. Don’t get enchanted by hype words like
1. grown floor opportunity
2. a break through product
3. the best MLM compensation plan.

The questions to ask when you are considering MLM Companies are not:
What is the Best MLM Company to join?
What are  the Top MLM Companies ?
Which MLM company has the best compensation plan?

Those factors do matter but what matters most is YOU.

The questions you should find the answers for are:
Can YOU get excited about this MLM Company?
Which MLM Company are you most likely to succeed with?
Am I passionate about this MLM Company?

The one question that matters most is this: Can I get excited about this MLM and Company it’s product/service?

If Not… then the MLM Company just isn’t for you (no matter how many people are making money, or the momentum that is happening) This is your business and ultimately it’s your life. It’s what you will be working on everyday. It’s hard to be happy promoting something that you are not passionate about.

Don’t get excited about the money that you can make in an MLM Company.  All companies can offer good money.  The real question is:  Can you get excited about the product/service that the company offers?  The answer to that question is a better indicator of your potential success.

Now of course you still might want to look at what the experts are calling the top MLM companies and some of there opinions on MLM companies.
Here are some resources:
1. Business for home 100 solid top MLM companies: http://www.businessforhome.org/2015/04/100-solid-top-mlm-companies/
2. List of multi-level marketing companies by Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_multi-level_marketing_companies
3. MLM Watch Dog – A great place to look for the latest news in MLM, which MLM Companies are in trouble with the law or are getting some complaints: http://www.mlmwatchdog.com/index.html
4. Top 50 MLM Companies by Global Revenue: http://www.networkmarketingcentral.com/top-50-mlm-companies-global-revenue/

Did you get value from that?  Let me know in the comments whether you think that is the right way to choose an MLM Company.  

Create a great day!

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