1 Surprisingly Simple Thing You Can Do That Will Stop Procrastination


Do have trouble with procrastination?
Most of the population is affected by population at least by some degree. Procrastination costs us time and money and the more we can minimize it’s effects, the better off we will be.
If you’ve spent the day procrastinating, you’ll lie to yourself and tell yourself excuses how you couldn’t get the work done. You’ll actually believe some of those lies but you’ll still go to bed with some dissatisfaction that you didn’t do your best. However, if you get to work and you really minimize the effects of procrastination, you’ll go to bed thinking.

“Today wasn’t the best day ever, but it’s the best day I could have made it.”

And you get to go to sleep with a feeling of satisfaction.

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So can you do to stop procrastination?
I learned this technique from Colin Sprag  at a great business seminar called Business Mastery: Power In You. I highly suggest it and it’s free, they are in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Florida. If you want more information, you can check it out here. This process isn’t my own so I don’t feel right sharing the whole process but I’m happy to share 2 parts of it.
Daily Journaling
You’ll be surprised how much less you will procrastinate once you start to journal everyday. When I say to journal, I don’t mean to sit down and write about your day. “Dear Diary, to day I did x and it made me feel y”
When I say journaling, all I mean is to simply sit down at the end of the day and write down 5 successes you’ve had for the day and also 3 actions steps that you’ve taken towards your dreams.

For example last night I wrote down

5 Successes
1. Finally got that massive TV downstairs (a chore that I’ve been procrastinating for months)
2. Shot a video for my blog
3. Visualized
4. Wrote, posted and syndicated a blog post.
5. Prospected 5 people and followed up with 3 people on social media.

3 Steps Towards My Big Dreams
1. Visualized
2. Filmed a video for my blog
3. Prospected and followed up with people on social media.

As you can see, sometimes your 5 success and your 3 action steps will overlap. Some days it could be easy to think of 5 successes you’ve achieved and 3 steps towards your dreams and on other days, it can be quite difficult.

That’s why it works!

If you start tracking your successes each day. You’ll start to see measurable changes in your results in a short period of time. The reason is because you’ll start doing things so that you have something to write down at the end of the day. You don’t want to sit down at the end of the day and say to yourself.

“I could have worked out today but instead I ate ice cream.”
“I could have prospected and worked on my business today but instead I took a nap.”

“When human performance is measured, human performance improves.”

Start measuring your performance and watch how quickly you’ll some changes in your life.

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Create A Great Day!

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