1 Word That you Should Be Saying To Yourself More Often

Do you want to know 1 word that you should be saying to yourself more often?
That word is despite.
I learned while listen to a training from Ray Higdon (http://rayhigdon.com/) about mindset.

We all have self talk. Most of the time it’s negative and it really affects our mindset. Especially in our moments of silence when we are alone with our thoughts.
We tell ourselves stories of why we aren’t more successful.
We let those stories become excuses and let them stand in the way of our success.
Some of those stories might be:
-I was abused as a child
-I was drug addict
-I dropped out of school
-I’m disabled.

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You can still create success
Change your mindset and tell yourself that despite the fact that you may have had a rough past or are still experiencing a tough life, you can still be successful. There are people that have had worst stories. Just take a walk down the biography aisle of your book store or your library.
You’ll see astounding stories of people who that
– have less talent than you
– have less money than you
– have less education than you
– that can’t read
– that were drug addicts
– that are disabled
– that dropped out of school
– that have less time than you
– some are even uglier than you

The still became successful DESPITE all of those challenges. What’s the difference between them and everyone else who let their challenges stop them? It’s mindset.

Excuses or Reasons
Instead of letting your past stories be excuses that you aren’t successful. Change your mindset. Allow those stories to become reasons to become successful.

With a positive mindset, you can put the word despite in front of your challenges and change the attitude of your statements.

Instead of saying,
“I dropped out of school, that’s why I can’t be successful.”

“Despite the fact that I dropped out of school, I’ll still be successful.”

It’s your duty to be successful. The fact that you have these challenges is more reason why should make it.

Create a great day!

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