10 Signs A Really Huge Dream Is About To Come True

I got this from Mike Dooley as a “Note from the Universe” in an email.
It’s my favorite one so far.














10. You regularly visualize the end result, the after party and beyond.
9. Everyday you “show up” doing something about it.
8. You are not attached how it will come true.
7. It really matters to you; you really care.
6. You know who the first 3 people are that you’ll call with the news.
5. You are smiling and winking way more than normal
4. Sometimes you speak and behave as if it already has happened.
3. It probably doesn’t depend on specific people.
2. You already know what your next goal is.
1. You keep whispering, “Sweet! Thank-you! Yes!” with a clutched fist.

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