10 Simple Social Skills That Take Absolutely Zero Skill That Will Make You Instantly More Likable

Social Skills
Likeablity is an integral part of becoming successful. You don’t have to be likeable to become successful (depending on how you measure success) but being likeable will make your path to success faster, easier and more enjoyable.

We get successful by taking advantage of opportunities. We get our opportunities from people. The more people like you, the more opportunities you get. So it just makes sense to become more likeable.

People do business with and refer business to, those that they know, like and trust. ~Bob Burg

So what can we do to become more likeable to others? I made a list of simple social skills that will make you more likeable.

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1. Smile

A simple smile makes you look warm and inviting. A smile has no language barriers. You become instantly more likeable when you are smiling

2. Eye Contact
One of the first things that someone does when they first meet you is decide whether they can trust you or not. That decision is made unconsciously.

When you make eye contact you appear more confident and more like a leader. If you avoid eye contact, you appear like you are trying to hide something.

3. Put Your Smartphone In Your Pocket
When you are looking at a smart phone while you are talking to someone, you are telling that person that they aren’t as important than whatever you are doing on your smart phone. Staring at your smart phone during a conversation is rude. Putting your smart phone away is simple to do, makes you more likeable and takes very little skill.

4. Call People By Their Name

The sound that people like to hear most is their name so use it when you are talking to them. The more you use their name, the more they like you. Just don’t over do it.

5. Listen
When you are talking to someone, concentrate on what they are saying. Don’t let your thoughts drift off. It’s not enough just to hear someone. You will be more likeable if you actively listen to them.

6. Know How To Accept A Compliment
When someine gives you a compliment, don’t deny it or say “you too.”

Accept the compliment humbly and reply by saying something like this:

Thank you! I accept that!
Thank you! Thank you for noticing.
Thank you! Hearing that feels good.

7. If Someone Is Interrupted, Ask Them To Continue
Sometimes when there is a group conversation, people get interrupted and aren’t able to finish what they are saying. When you recognize that, encourage them to fish what they were saying. Say something like this:

Hey, can you please finish your story about painting your house? The last thing you mentioned is that it you picked up the wrong kind of paint Can I hear the rest, please?

You will instantly put the speaker at ease and make them feel appreciated.

8. Don’t complain
Negative people are draining.

Being a negative is an instant turnoff. If you notice yourself complaining while everyone else starts to look distracted, do yourself a favor and pick a new topic.

9. Practice Good Posture
Bad posture is negative body language. It conveys that you are unapproachable.
Instead, stand or sit tall. It conveys leadership.

10. Give A Firm Handshake
Has someone ever made a good impression on you until you shake their hand and they give you a “wet fish” for a handshake. Remember, many people make their first impression of you unconsciously, so make sure your handshake is firm but not firm enough to hurt them. A from handshake conveys confidence and leadership.

Now you know 11 simple ways to make yourself instantly more likeable.

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