10 Steps to sell your home in 30 days or less

by: Joshua Bhoopsingh
Do not list your home with a realtor. They are very few that are good. They will tie up your property for six month or more. You still have to pay them after you get frustrated by their lack of involvement and do all the work to get your property sold.

From the owner of Libertyhomeowner.com

Step 1. Make sure your home is clean. Hire a cleaning lady if you have to. Clean the day before the open house.

Step 2. Rent a storage unit and put all the clutter away that you have for a couple of weeks.

Step 3. Remove all your family photos and personal sentimental items. Buyers want to picture their personal items in your home first before they going to buy it.

Step 4. Get professional help. Call an interior designer to stage you home.

Step 5. Hire a handyman to fix any problems through out the house. This will not guarantee a sale but it will take out those things that will kill your sale before you even get an offer.

Step 6. When your done preparing your home for sale ask someone if this is the kind of property they would fall in love with. Remember the more in love with the property a potential buyer is the more money they will pay to buy it.

Step 7. If someone can not fall in love with you property brain storm with your interior stager what you can change to do that.

Step 8. Create competition with your buyers. Don’t show the property to one person at a time. Show it to as many people as possible with as little open house as possible. You want them to meet each other for obvious reasons.

Step 9. Put an ad in the paper. Put the asking price as low as possible (this will get you a lot of people to your open house) and call the people who came to your open house and inform then that you have a higher offer from someone else they meet at the open house. Try and remember everyone’s name who saw the property and remember something unique about them. This will help you jog the memory of the other people who saw their competition at the open houses.

Step 10. Get into the contract with the highest bidder.

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