2 Easy Ways You Can Work Less Yet Do More

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It seems that even though we have the technology to make things happen faster, our society is getting busier and busier.

We have mobile phones, instant messaging (through multiple platforms like text sms and social media messaging), video conferencing (again through multiple platforms like facetime, skype and social media), instant information (through the internet) and other forms of technology to make our lives easier and faster but don’t you feel like we are still much busier than we were before these luxuries.

How would you like to be more productive yet be less busy?

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Here are 2 simple ways that you can work less yet still be more productive.

If you are not getting enough sleep, then you are in trouble. It’s difficult to function at your highest capacity if you are tired, hungry and just can’t think straight.

Many people are so busy that they just don’t get enough sleep. When they are told that they need to get more sleep they say that they just don’t have the time. (Even though they have time to binge watch some Netflix or disappear into the rabbit hole of social media or YouTube haha)

It’s really too bad because if these people were to find the time to get more sleep, they would actually work more effectively and efficiently and get more done.

But instead it turns into a vicious circle. They are too busy to get enough sleep which makes them tired so they are not working effectively which makes them busier so they don’t have enough time to get more sleep which makes them tired and so on.

sleeping with DaddyEscape The Cycle
If you feel like you are too busy to get enough sleep, then I invite you to figure out how to get 15 more minutes of sleep.

Ever notice how you wish you could just hit the snooze button and sleep for just 15 more minutes?

It could be a simple as giving up some screen time and going to bed earlier. One of my coaching clients told me that she watches YouTube on her phone until the wee hours in the morning and would wake up tired. I had another client give up watching the late night news. No one really needs to watch the news these days anyway. It’s very negative and the “essential stuff” like the weather can be found with a phone app.

Giving up watching mindless YouTube videos or the news can add up to several more hours of sleep per week.

That will translate into a more productive, more energetic and happier you. When that happens not only will you get more work done but you’ll also be better at it simply because your mind is clear and you aren’t as tired.

Getting 15 minutes of extra sleep might not seem like a lot but it will make a huge difference to your health and well-being.

The second way of of working less and being more productive is discussed in the video:

So now you know 2 ways to work less yet achieve more and they are so simple that anyone can do it.

Are you open to trying one or both of them out?

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