2 Effective (and Fun) Ways To Motivate Your Team

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When you are team building in MLM it’s important to motivate your team otherwise people will quit. I actually got a very slow start when I first started in network marketing. It was in the business 9 months before I made my first $1 in network marketing. I was lucky because I had a mentor that kept me motivated and it fun to work the business. If she didn’t make it fun I probably would have quit.

Attrition is part of this profession however there are things that you can do to lower the attrition of your team. Even if you’ve done the right things and qualified your prospects by using the free audio download of “Network Marketing Questions That Work”, you`ll still get attrition.

How to motivate your team
How Would You Like To Easily Build A Solid Team That Duplicates, Is Excited, Buys The Product, And Creates A Massive Passive Income For You? 
There are 2 fun and very effective ways that you can for team building.
1. Contests
2. Recognition

Contests are a fun way for team building. They don`t have to be about who gets the most sales. The important thing is that they are fun and that they have prizes.

Contests can be about:
-Who ever gets the most guests to a meeting in a month
-Who ever does the most presentations, prospecting calls
-Who ever does the most 3 way calls

Make the contests about income producing activities and the sales and the team building, sales, and growth of your business will come.

Prizes should be low cost but perceived high value.
-Dinner with a leader (could be you or your upline)
-A signed book (by you or your upline)
-Special exclusive group training

These types of prizes are things that people want but they don`t cost a lot of money. You`ll be surprised that prizes just don`t have to be expensive to get people excited. Avoid giving prizes that will that don`t make economical sense. You don`t have to give away the latest tablet especially if the cost does not justify the rewards of putting a contest on for team building.

This is where network marketing companies are very good at team building. Often at regional or global conventions, they will recognize big leaders and high ranks on stage.

People will work their butt off more to get recognized in front of their peers than they will for money.

You don`t have to wait until your company puts on a training event to do recognition for your team building.

My first mentor in the business Cheri Tree was great at recognition. She would have a team training or sometimes a team dinner every month or so and she made sure that at every training or dinner, she would recognize anyone that advanced a rank in a “ceremony”.
We were part of a real estate investment education company and Cheri was very creative with her team building.
Whenever someone got to their first rank, she would present them with a monopoly board game. It made sense because monopoly is all about real estate. The game at the time probably cost less than $10 at Walmart but I wanted one. I could have easily bought one on my own but I was willing to work hard to get one because I didn`t just want ANY monopoly game. I wanted to earn one that Cheri gave me for reaching rank in front of my peers.

Recognize rank advancement no matter how big or small. Again, you don`t have to give expensive “prizes” for the recognition. It could be a pin or a book. It almost doesn’t matter just as long as you give it to them in front of a group. It’s great way to motivate for team building.

What are some of the ways that you use to motivate your team? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

Create a great day!

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