2 Important Things To Remember When Leveraging Your Upline During A 3 Way Call

3 Way Calling

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Even in this age where social media is the number way of recruiting people, 3 way calls are super important in helping you boost your business and getting you more sales and sign ups.

The reason why you reach out to someone on social media is to get a connection.
Once I am able to move the relationship to a professional level, I like to talk with my prospects on the phone.

3 ways calls are important for 2 reasons.
1. It shows credibility
2. It shows the system and duplication.

Here are 2 things that you need to remember when you are making a 3 way call.

1. The 3 way call should not be a 1st exposure.
I had one of my down line call me and he wanted to do a 3 way call. I asked about the situation and he said the prospect was very cynical and wouldn’t read any material, watch any videos or meet for a presentation.

The 3 way call should be used to show credibility. It should not be used to convince someone to watch a video or see a presentation. If they aren’t open enough to even look, then you shouldn’t even want them on your team. Don’t waste any more of your time trying to convince them and certainly don’t waste any of your upline’s time.

If you do a 3 way call with your prospect and your up line before they’ve seen an introduction, you are giving the prospect the “power”. If they aren’t open, then they are thinking something like,

“I’m not interested and neither you or your up line is going to pull the wool over my eyes. I don’t care how much money you say he’s has made.”

However,if your prospect has seen some information and is interested, your up line holds the” power”. Your up line can see if your prospect qualifies instead of trying to convince them.

An example of something your up line could say for a weight loss product could be:

This product isn’t for everyone, it’s for someone that is going to follow the instructions properly. Is that you?
Are you willing to take it for month?
Are you willing to make sure that you get enough water? 100 ounces a day?
OK well let you try it then. $80 for the 1st month

If it’s for the opportunity it might sound like this:

You said that you want to make an extra $500 – $1000/month right?
Once you get started, are you willing to meet for a strategy and training session?
Are you willing to bring a lost of names, of 100 people? 50 potential customers and 50 potential business partners?
Excellent, what level do you want to start at? Do you have the funds ready or will you have to raise them?

Can you see how much smoother the conversation is if your prospect sees the information before they do a 3 way call?

Do yourself, your up line and your business a favor, if your prospect isn’t open to looking at some information then don’t have your up line try to convince them with a 3 way call. You don’t want that type of person on your team anyway. Instead use that time and energy looking for someone that is open and willing to look at the information.

2. Transitioning – Don’t ask for permission
With technology being more and more simple and user friendly, most people know the mechanics of a 3 way call but they don’t know how to transition effectively.
Some people get real formal and say,
“Would it be okay if I teleconferenced in my up line sponsor?”

I don’t like doing that because, it gives the prospect a chance to decline. I don’t want them to decline so I don’t even ask them. I explain how do that very effectively and easily in the video.

Was that helpful? Did you get value from that?
I would love to hear in the comments below.

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