2 Incredibly Effective Ways To Have Sales Posture Without Being A Jerk


In sales and Network Marketing posture is so important. There are 2 extremes of posture in that you’ll see in this profession.

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The Faker

There are many network marketers that just go overboard with their posture. They act like jersey and they turn their prospects off. They say that “jobs suck”. They also try to over come their prospects objections by being a bully.

“If you wanted it bad enough you could find the money. You waste so much money by eating out.”


“If you wanted bad enough you could find the time. You waste so much of your time watching TV and playing on Facebook.”

Many of these types of network marketers say or imply that they are making more money than they actually are or they are pretending to be a higher rank in the company than they have actually achieved.

These types of networkers don’t realize that this sort of behavior actually makes them look like here’s and it attracts the quitters, whiners and complainers and pushes away the leaders and the workers.

There are ways to “act as if” and “fake it until you make it” without lying.

Pretty Pleasers
On the other extreme are the “nice” network marketers. They are the ones who say “pretty please would you buy from me or join my business?”

Some them appear quite desperate:
“I’m just a single parent trying to get by”

Some of them use guilt:
“I’ve always been there for you, remember when I helped you move?”

These actions and behaviors are not what a leader would do. People want to join leaders not people who a desperate

There is a happy medium between being over bearing and being weak. It’s what leaders do. They don’t fake it or lie. They aren’t too nice. And yes… There is such a thing as being too nice.

So how do you develop just the right amount of posture in sales? Here are 2 ways.

1. Get a decision
Ask a simple decision making question and (this is the most important) don’t be addicted to the outcome.

Some examples are
– Is this something that you want to do or do you not see the vision?
No one wants to admit that they don’t see the vision.

– Do you see yourself doing this or should I just cross you off the list?
No one wants to be crossed off of a list.

– Is this something that you think you can even do?
No one wants to say they can’t do something.

– Sounds to me like you want to get started!
This is just a great assumptive close.

These questions show that you are leader and that you have a back bone without looking like jerk.

If you want to see the second way to have sales posture in sales without looking like a jerk, then watch this video.

Even if you need the money to pay bills, you must have posture and you must ” act as if” and have the right type of leadership and posture.

You might be thinking, “That’s easy for you to say Kenny. I need the money.”

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be hungry and look in the fridge and there is nothing inside but a box of baking soda. I know what it’s like to be thirsty and open the faucet only have nothing come out. I know what it’s like to have bill collectors call my phone and knock on my door while I hide from them feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

But I didn’t start acting with posture once my life was stable. I got stable because I started acting this with posture .

Faith it til you make it
You’ve probably heard the term Faith it til you make it. If you truly have Faith then you don’t have to act desperate and you don’t have to be a jerk to recruit and sell. . You are looking for the right business partners not for quitters. Being desperate or bullying your prospect just delays your money problems, it doesn’t solve them. Have faith in the Universe. Make an agreement with the Universe tell it, “I’ll do the easy part and work, you do the hard part and deliver the abundance. I’ll go first.”

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