2 Law of Attraction Tips To Supercharge Your Affirmations

affirmationsAffirmations: 2 ways to Supercharge Them

Affirmations for me are just like brushing my teeth, they are part of my routine.  I say them twice a day.  Accept for the 3 word one that I say to myself all day long.  If you want to know what that one is, just click here. But there was a time when I did my affirmations and I felt like they just were not working.

So are you doing affirmations but they don’t seem to “work”?

Most of the time, all you need is a small change in the way you do things to get a huge change in the results you get.

You probably heard Tony Robbins explain this in golf terms. If you just alter the way you strike a ball by just a couple of degrees then the ball will end up dozens of yards away from where it would have landed. You can see that video here.

I did affirmations for years but I got frustrated. I studied different law of attraction exercises and law of attraction tips and tricks but it seemed that it was either working so slowly or not working at all. Basic law of attraction has to do with not only saying affirmations but also feeling and believing those affirmations and that’s where I was getting stuck.

The Law of Attraction worked for me because I finally believed the affirmations and I felt them to be true. It’s not that easy to do so I had to make some changes in the way I said them.

Progressive Statements
This is a great way to tweak your affirmations and I wish I knew about this earlier. I learned this from Colin Sprake at one of his free seminars.

On a side note, I’ve been talking about Colin’s free seminars and sharing some of the tips that I’ve learned at them because they are bringing a lot of value to me. If you want to bring your business to the next level, then I highly suggest taking a look. To get more information you can go to: http://events.mymsuccess.com/a/playbig

One of my earlier affirmations was:

I have residual income of $5000/month.

I did my best when I said those words a loud to believe it and to feel it but my faith simply wasn’t strong enough. I didn’t believe it and I felt like I was lying to myself.
Colin suggested that we change our affirmations in to progressive statements. To do that, you begin your affirmation with statements like these.

-I am working towards
-I am building
-I am progressing to
My new affirmation changed into a progressive statement could sound like this.

“I’m working towards a residual income of $5000/month”

It makes the affirmation more believable and hence easier to feel.

There is another way to tweek your affirmations that I explain in the video.

Remember this:

Make believing is the fastest way to believing and believing is the fastest way to receiving.

Create A Great Day!

Kenny Santos
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