2 Reasons Why It’s Good When Someone Quits Your MLM

MLM Retention

MLM Quitters
Have you ever had someone quit your MLM business?
If you haven’t, it will.
Most people you recruit will quit. Probably within 90 days.

I used to become very frustrated when someone quit my team. I took it personally. I wondered what I did wrong. What could I have done to prevent them from quitting? Your ability as a sponsor and a mentor does have an impact on whether someone quits your team or not but ultimately a bigger factor is the mindset of the person that you recruited.

When someone quits your team, it’s actually a good thing for your business.
That is not to say that you should try recruit people that will quit. Of your course you want to recruit leaders that will also build their business and yours as well.

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Here are 2 reasons why it’s actually good when someone quits your mlm team.

You want producers and leaders on your team
If someone quits, it’s probably because they are unhappy and they aren’t producing. They aren’t making money. We all hope that these unhappy non-producers will hang on long enough that they will make money however, most of them simply won’t.

Remember, network marketing is a business. If you owned a business and had an employee that was unhappy and wasn’t productive, you would fire them wouldn’t you? If before you fired them, they came to you and told you that they were quitting, you wouldn’t beg them to stay. You wouldn’t promise them the world and tell them to hang on just a little longer. You would let them go.

If someone in a traditional business wasn’t happy and wasn’t producing and wanted to quit, the owner’s would happily let them go. You should be doing the same in your network marketing business.

It is possible that weaker team members can work hard to become a stronger and start making money but only for those that don’t quit. If they quit, the timing and the mindset just isn’t right for them at the moment. Let them go, you want people on your team that want to be there.

Don’t work with those that need the support. Work with those that deserve the support.
The second reason why it’s good when someone quits your network marketing business is more important than the first. I cover it in the video below.

I understand that we want to build a strong team in network marketing. In order to build a strong team we must often let the weaker team members go.

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

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