2 Shockingly Common Time Wasters To Avoid So You Can Reduce Failure In MLM

common-time-wastersCommon Time Wasters
Your time is so precious when you are an entrepreneur and if you don’t know how to manage your time, you will never become successful in this profession.

Many network marketers think that if only they had more time that they could make it. But growing your business doesn’t have to take a lot of time. That’s especially true in the new way that network marketing is now done. I used to spend many hours each week just driving to, setting up, presenting, tearing down and driving back home from my weekly presentation. Buy now, I can really leverage the internet and technology.

Time Management
Even if you are working 2 or more jobs and have a family, you can build a thriving network marketing business if you know how to manage your time correctly.

Time management includes using your time efficiently and to that you mist avoid the 2 biggest common time wasters in network marketing.

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Working your business is doing income producing activities. Those activities are part of the sales process: prospecting, inviting, presenting and following up.

You need to stop convincing your prospects to watch, buy or join.

Many times your project will not want to accept your invitation to see a presentation. Or sometimes they just don’t think that your product or opportunity is a good fit.

The professional network marketer will accept their prospect’s answer and move on to look for someone that is open. They might keep their prospect on drip list and check on them from time to time but for they won’t spend much more time on their prospect. They would rather use that time with someone that is a good fit.

I am guilty of spending so much time trying to convince my prospect why they should buy or join. I would argue with them which is never good. I thought that if I had a logical argument that made sense, then my prospect would join. We all know that logic doesn’t sell. Emotion does and if your prospect isn’t emotional then they won’t buy.

The time that you spend trying to convince a negative, skeptical or cynical prospect to join is much better spent talking to others. Prospecting is more about sorting than it is about selling. Convincing is a common time waster for network marketers.

Studying is another one of the common time wasters for network  marketers. Procrastinators are very good at studying. I was super guilty of this. I always thought that I had to learn how to “do” the business by studying. I would think to myself, “Once I know everything about this business, then I’ll get started.”

The big problem with this line of thinking is that
1. I would never learn everything about the business.
2. The best way to learn this business is by taking action and letting trial and error guide you along the way.

I often shake my head when I hear about network marketers justify their lack of action because they were studying.
“I didn’t prospect anyone yesterday but don’t worry, I still worked on my business. Yesterday, I did a lot of reading about the product and the comp plan.”

How much time?
I wish that I knew how much time I was wasting back before I became aware of these 2 common time wasters in MLM.

I really thought that I was working the business and I wondered why I wasn’t making any money.

So… How much time should you be spending on income producing activities.

At least 75% of your business time should be spent doing income producing activities: Prospecting, presenting and following up. That means if don’t have any presentations and no one to follow up with and you have an hour to work your business, then you should spend 45 minutes making prospecting calls. The other 15 minutes can be spent on personal development and studying.

If you are at least aware of the 2 big time wasters that network marketers make, you are more likely to avoid them and you can be more productive in your business.

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