2 Simple “Non Salesy” Ways To Ask For The Sale


2 Simple “Non Salesy” Ways To Ask For The Sale

MLM closing is a great skill to have because if you are get effective at MLM closing then all of your other activities get instantly more profitable. You’ll get more profits from all of your prospecting, inviting and presenting if you learn how to close.

Most network marketers do a great job at inviting and presenting however what many fail to do is ask for the sale.

They figure if they do a good job with the presenting then maybe the prospect will ask to join. It doesn’t work that way. If you want the sale then you must ask.

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Asking for the sale can be quite intimidating because that is when you get the answer and most are afraid of hearing a “no”


There is also a “get ready” moment before you ask the for the sale and it’s not comfortable.

I heard 2 great ways of asking for the sale and there is no “get ready” moment” before you start MLM closing.

The High 5 Close
This is a great close in a group setting and there is a lot of energy and excitement.
This usually happens at a home meeting or a hotel presentation and the presenter really does a great job of building emotion.
This close is simple. Once the presentation is finished. Just hold up your hand for a high five and say, “Are you ready to rock this?”
If they give you a high five then pull out the paper work and sign them up.
Simple isn’t it.

The Sounds To Me close
This is one that can be used both in a group setting or one on one.
After the prospect see the presentation, say this,
“What did you like the best?”

They might say,
“I like the product, I want to use it myself and also I know several other people that could use it.”
“I like the compensation plan, I want to make an extra $X per month.”
Let them tell you and what ever they like, you like too.

Then follow it up and say:
“Sounds to me like you are ready to join!”

When they say yes. Get the paper work and sign them up!
How cool is that?

What if they have concerns?
If they say that they have concerns before you get to ask “what did you like the most?” then just keep going with the close. You don’t have to overcome all objections to ask for the sale. Often when they talk about what they like most, their concerns won’t matter as much to them so they’ll still agree to join.

If they say they have concerns after you ask for the sale (either the high 5 close or the sounds to me close) then get their concerns answered. It would be most effective to use your upline or 3rd party to handle the concerns for you (even if you know you can do it yourself) because it seems easier to duplicate.

So those are 2 no “get ready”, “non salesy” closes.

Use them and let me know how it turns out in the comments below.

Create a great day!

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