2 Simple Things You Should Do Everyday To Keep (Or Start) Your Network Marketing Momentum

Network Marketing Momentum
Momentum is a big part of success in the profession. It’s something that is difficult to get for some and also easily lost for others.

Many network marketers, work their butt off to finally build some momentum but then they unwisely stop working so hard and let the momentum stop. In order for them to get the momentum going again, they must start over from the beginning. It would have been easier for them to keep the momentum going and maintain their effort.

Bob has been working his network marketing business, he prospects everyday, he follows up on appointments and he is getting sales and sign ups. He has already advanced to the first rank in his company and been trying for the next rank to get a big bonus. After a couple of months of hard work, he finally reaches the next rank and receives some recognition and a bonus. The next month, his business volume tanks. He doesn’t even have enough volume to achieve his first rank, let alone the rank he just achieved. What happened?

Bob’s story isn’t rare. There are many network marketers that achieve a rank only to let their business slip the next month. Instead of keeping the effort steady in their business, they celebrate their success and start to slack.

What if this happened in sports?
If Lebron James is on a hot streak and makes 20 points in the first quarter do you think the coach will take him off for the rest of the game to celebrate on the bench? No. He would stay in the game.

We saw that happen in the 2017 SuperBowl. For those that didn’t see it or don’t remember, the Falcons were up 21 – 3 over the Patriots by the half time show. They were on fire. But they decided to celebrate and take it easy. The Patriots scored 19 points in the 4th quarter and ended up winning the SuperBowl 34 – 28.

Don’t let that happen to your business. If you are doing well, that is the best time to keep the pressure so you can keep the momentum.

What types of things can you do everyday, so that you don’t lose momentum (or start momentum if you don’t have it yet) ?

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1. Do Your Daily Minimums

Set a minimum number of people that you will prospect each day and make sure to hit your goals. The goal shouldn’t be outlandish because it’s simply a minimum. Your minimum might be 5 people a day but you can still reach out to 20 or more people. By setting a minimum goal for each day, you’ll insure that you are really working your business each day instead of shuffling papers around your desk and just feeling like you are working.   Even if you have a daily minimum of 1 person a day, you will ensure that you are productive everyday.

2. Work On Yourself
Everyday, you should improve. Work on your skills and your mindset. Even if it’s just reading a book for 5 minutes, it’s much better than nothing. 5 minutes a day spent on reading and improvement will turn into 30 minutes in a week which is more than what most people do all year (sad but true).

If you hit your daily minimums and work on yourself everyday, even if it’s just a little bit, you’ll be able to build and keep network marketing momentum.

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