2 Super Simple Tips To Get More Productivity Out Of MLM Networking Groups

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Whether you are going to a chamber of commerce meeting or a meetup, there is a lot of business that you can generate if you know how to work the room properly.
Before I learned how to really leverage MLM Networking Groups or even just professional networking events, I didn’t really get much success from them. I spent hours designing a business card and waited weeks for them to get delivered. I spent hours practicing my sales pitch. And when I thought I was ready (which took longer than it should have), I would finally go out and try to prospect at MLM Networking Groups or professional networking events.

While I was there, I would try my sales pitch on everyone who I would meet. But sadly, no one would be interested. I thought that maybe I would get some calls from people who wanted to learn more in the next couple of days because I made sure that everyone got one of my business cards. (Yes, the ones that took me hours to design and a couple of weeks to deliver)

When no one called, I thought that it must be one of 2 things; either I needed to refine my pitch or I needed to redesign my business cards.

I went through this cycle many times and the few sales that I would get as a result of these networking meetings were simply blind luck.

As time went on, networking meetings became more of a frustration than a source of business for me. That was until I learned how to do them correctly.

If you are a trying to grow your MLM team and you want to get more sales and sign ups, MLM Networking Groups or professional networking events can be a great way to find leads and also a great way to get exposure. Here are 2 simple tips to keep in mind so that you can get the very most from them.

1. Don’t worry about business cards
I often “forget” to bring business cards to networking events. My focus isn’t about handing out business cards, it’s about making connections. I know that most business cards eventually end up in the trash. I’ve collected thousands of business cards over the years and at the beginning, I never called any of them.
If I do feel like bringing business cards, they aren’t fancy. All they have is my name, my email and my phone number. I don’t bother with any fancy titles or catch phrases.
I focus on making connections and making sure that I get their business card. I also follow up with in the next 24 hours. That’s something that almost no body does.

2. Create connections
Ask questions and listen. The best way to make connections is to let everyone else talk about what ever their agenda is. Sit back and listen. I like to use Bob Burg’s 10 Feel Good Questions
I’ll use  1 or 2 of the feel good questions and then I’ll follow  it up with the one “key” question that will set you apart from everyone else…

“How can I know if someone I’m speaking with is a good prospect for you?”

I’ll take a mental note of their response or maybe write it down on the back of their business card and I’ll thank them for their time and move on to the next person. Since I’m one of the few people who really listened to them, they’ll like me more and will probably remember me when I follow up with them.

It’s gets even better if I find someone that is a good prospect for someone that I’ve just made a connection with and then I make it a point to introduce these people to each other.

When that happens, they’ll remember me and it makes the follow up the next day super easy. They already like me and they want to get to know me know more and they are more willing open to listen to what I have to say. I’ll have their undivided attention so you can really talk to them and make a pitch or simply just ask them a qualifying question like ,”Are you at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?” They are more likely to give me a positive response because they are no longer in the “sales mode” that they were in at the network meeting.

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