2 Things That Are More Important Than Skill When You Are Prospecting

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Prospecting is the life blood of a network marketers business. This is especially true for the new network marketer. There is a big push right now for attracton marketing and the allure of it is that you don’t have to cold call anyone and you don’t have to bug your friends and family and that’s great. Attraction Marketing does work, it just takes a while to get going. Most network marketers end up quitting before they build that momentum up. You have to do something while you are waiting for your attraction marketing to kick in. I highly suggest prospecting.

When a Network Marketer is learning how to prospect, they want to learn what to say. They want to know the skill set. What to do if your prospect says this or that. How do you overcome the “no money” objection or the it’s too expensive objection. Many people spend a lot of money on courses so they can learn the skills to get better at prospecting. Learning the skills is very important so if you don’t know how to prospect then be sure to pick up a course or if you want to get faster results, hire a coach. But there are 2 things that are more important than skills when it comes to prospecting for your network marketing business.

I’ll get into what those 2 things are but I want to give you a heads up. I have 1 on 1 and group coaching programs available to help people get better a prospecting so they can get more sales and sign ups.
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So what’s more important than skill when you are prospecting?

Being Bold
The first thing to know when you are prospecting for you network marketing business is that it’s important to be bold. Even if you have the skill set, if you don’t take the action to put those skills into motion. You won’t get anywhere. Prospecting is like riding a bike. You can read all the books you want about riding a bike but you won’t learn how to ride the bike until you get on it and ride.

There are people that you cross paths with everyday that need what you have. If you have a product or a service that you market, you see people everyday that need and want it. If you are also selling an opportunity, you encounter people everyday that need more money or hate their job or both! Most network marketers are passing by opportunity everyday but they aren’t seizing it because they simply aren’t bold enough.

Just open your mouth and say,
“I market a product that does x,y and z. Do you know anyone that would want to know about it?”
That’s it! That’s how you start prospecting. Even if you have a poor skill set, if you are take action you will get results. On the other side of the equation, if you have the great skill set and don’t take any action, you won’t get any results. The best part about being bold and taking action is that you get better and you develop skills simply by taking the action. You’ll get far better at prospecting by actually talking to people and prospecting rather than reading a book or studying a course on it.

“Action works harder than talent, especially when talent isn’t working that hard.”

Most people think that success goes to those that are the most talented. But when it comes down to it fortune favors the bold. We all know someone that can sing better than Britney Spears or is more talented than Kim Kardashian but both of these women are making millions every year because of their boldness not because of their talent.

Be Likable
The second thing that’s more important than skills when you are prospecting is being likable. You can have a great skill set and you even if you take action, if a prospect doesn’t like you, they won’t join your team or they won’t buy from you. Even if they need or want what you have to offer, they won’t buy it from you. They might buy it somewhere else, just not from you.
This is important to take note of because many network marketers come off as abrasive. They go around saying that jobs suck and the corporate world is a pyramid. Those types of remarks don’t make you sound smart, they make you look like a jerk.

Let me give you an example how likeablity can out sell skills.
You’ve probably heard of a woman called Rachel Ray. She’s a home cook and a TV personality. She is not professionally trained but she’s good at cooking. She has many cook books for sale. Her cook books will out sell other cook books by professionally trained chefs. They certainly have a better skill set than her but because she is likeable, more people will just buy her book instead of some other (better skilled) chef that they don’t know.

When you are out there prospecting, remember that these 2 things that are so much more important than skill. You’l get more sales and sign ups simply by being bold and by being likeable.
Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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