2 Things That The Chewbacca Mask Mom Can Teach Us About Network Marketing (or Any Marketing)


Do you want to know 2 Things That The Chewbacca Mask Mom Can Teach Us About Network Marketing (or Any Marketing)?

So it happened about a month ago. If you haven’t seen the Chewbacca Mask Lady, then watch this video.


It’s one of the fastest spreading viral videos ever. She set the record for the most viewed Facebook Live post ever. That means she beat out celebrities and social media marketers in the amount of views she had. Her name is Candace Payne but most people know her as the Chewbacca Mask Mom.
This unknown woman has changed her life in the last month because she simply posted a video on line. She’s appeared on talk shows, she has received about $420k in gifts and now everyone knows about her.

While the video is entertaining, let’s not miss out on the opportunity to learn from her.

What can we learn from the Candace Payne the Chewbacca Mask Lady’s video?

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Be Brief
Her video is less than 5 mins long. Now I can’t say for sure but if the video was 10 mins or longer it probably would not have been noticed. I don’t know about you but one of the first things that I do when I see a video on social media is I check the length of it. If it’s too long, most likely I won’t watch it. Shorter videos get more views and spread faster. Why is that?

People love brevity.

In this microwave society, people don’t want to wait. So how does this apply to network marketing? Learn how to get your point across in a short period of time. When you invite someone to watch a presentation, be short about it. Be in a hurry.  You should be able to invite people in about 2-5 mins.  If it’s any longer, then you are presenting instead of inviting.

Keep your presentations short. You should be able to do a short napkin presentation 1 on 1 in a coffee shop in about 15-30 mins. If you are going to send someone a video about your business. Send them a video that is short and that makes them want to learn more information. If a video is 30-90 mins most prospects won’t even push play let alone finish watching it. If you want them to see the full 90 minute video, get them excited with a 2-10 minute video first. If they like the short video then invite them to watch the longer one. Use your company tools like a 1, 2 punch combo.

Be Real and Personal
The reason why the Chewbacca Mom’s video was so popular was because she was real. She didn’t hype. She didn’t pretend. She had passion, she was real and people loved it.

So when you are talking about your network marketing opportunity, drop the hype. People stop listening when you start saying that you have the best compensation plan or if you have a scientifically proven break through product. If you said that and you were on TV they would change the channel.
Instead of using hype, be real.

Which of the follow 2 statements do you think people will resonate with more?

“We have a proven formula that was invented by a nobel prize winning scientist.”


“I’ve always been tired through out the day. I always wanted to sleep in and take a nap in the afternoon but after trying this shake, I have more energy. My sleep is deeper and I wake up refreshed and I can keep going all day long.”

It’s obvious when you think about it but most network marketers will still opt for the first statement when they prospect.

Just because something is true doesn’t make it sound authentic. The first statement sounds canned and rehearsed. The second statement sounds real and personal.

So when you are growing your business remember to be brief and to be real, just like the Chewbacca Mask Mom!
Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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