2 Things To Remember When Things Just Aren’t Going Your Way

frustation2 Things To Remember When Things Just Aren’t Going Your Way

Have you ever felt like YOU are doing everything right but everything else just seems to be going wrong?

Sometimes you have some big plans. Plans that you have been preparing for or working really hard for and you are excited about them but then something that is beyond your control ruins those plans. It could be the weather, it could be traffic, it could be a disaster.

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I remember one of my friends decided to open his own travel agency. He was excited about it but the week after he opened, 9/11 happened and his business tanked. I also remember a business colleague of mine had flown to Nigeria he was giving a big presentation to about 500 people. Many people were counting on him. He spent thousands of dollars on flights and hotels and meeting room reservations but when he landed, immigration wouldn’t let him in. There was trouble with his Visa.

On both occasions my friends got on with their lives. They didn’t wallow in pity. They just got back to work. Set backs are going to happen. You must mentally prepare yourself for disappointment because if you don’t, it could stop you and you will quit.

Here are 2 things to remember when things aren’t going like you planned

1. Things Actually Are Going As Planned
Having setbacks probably isn’t something that you hoped would happen and they not are part of YOUR plan but they are part of the Universe’s plan for you. If I could trust only one thing, I would trust the Universe (or God or Allah or whatever you happen to call your higher power). I talk about in more detail in a blog post called “You Must Trust This More Than Anything Else In Life “.

Often, when things just aren’t going your way, a couple months or a couple years later, you find out that it was for you great good.

I remember there was an opportunity to buy some investment properties. They were good properties with great tenants that worked in the oil industry. It was a no money down deal and the properties were cashflowing. I however didn’t qualify. My credit at the time wasn’t good enough. I was crushed. My friends were buying 2-3 of these houses and I didn’t have good enough credit to buy even one of them. Well it was for my greater good because just a couple months later the oil industry in that area had tanked and the tenants either didn’t pay or they moved out. If I had qualified to buy those houses, I would have been responsible to pay those mortgages. The bank would have foreclosed and then I would have had a real credit problem.

2. Your Challenges Are Preparing You
If you get something that you don’t deserve, you’ll lose it. That’s why so many lottery winners end up losing it all within the next 5 years. It’s not because they are stupid. It’s simply because they don’t have the stewardship to take care of that money.

You may have heard the about the new President Elect Mr. Donald Trump. He built up a fortune and became a billionaire. It took him a while to learn how to do it but he did it. He also went bankrupt and lost it all. With in 2 years, he was a billionaire again.

Whether you like him or not, you can learn from this. I’m sure that it was not an easy road for him the first time he became a billionaire. He must have had some business failures and some setbacks but he learned from them. He learned so much that he knew how to do it again. He could probably do it over and over if he lost the money again.

If you aren’t where you want to be in life, think about how much you have learned on your journey. Think about how much closer you actually are and how better prepared you are for success because you’ve run into to those challenges along the way.

You are closer than you think.
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