2 Things That Will Stop Your Prospects From Joining Your Team

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Do you want to know 2 things that your prospect is wondering when they are considering whether they want to join your team?

Many network marketers think that they have to get into detail about the company comp plan or they have to explain the science of the product. In the end, that type of information doesn’t help them make their decision.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what information your prospect wants in order for them to make a decision?

They are asking these 2 questions to themselves.

First Question: Is this (even) real?
They are wondering this because they’ve been pitched before.
Some of them are wondering if you are lying to them.
Some of them are wondering if you believe the lies and now you are (innocently) spreading them around.
They are wondering if this is a pyramid scheme or if this is scam.

How to address this question.
Just because your prospect is thinking this question doesn’t mean they are going to bring it up so it can be hard to address this question if they don’t even ask it.

When you are prospecting, the best way to show that your product, service or business is real is to tell stories.

Tell stories about product testimonials, tell stories about income testimonials.
You’ve probably heard that:
Facts tell but stories sell.

Instead of telling your prospect that your product is scientifically proven, tell them a story about an overweight secretary and how she lost 20 lbs with the product.

Instead of letting your prospect know that your company is based in whatever city and is 15 years old, tell them a story about how a single mom when from the verge of being evicted to finally buying a condo.

Tell stories that relate to them. If they are a nurse or a teacher, if you can tell them a story about someone who shares the same profession of them.
It would be even better if you could introduce them to someone who has a great product or income testimonial.

The best story to tell is your story
Use your product/service and build a product testimonial.
Follow your company system and build an income testimonial.
There is a lot of crediblity when you are able to tell a prospect a personal product testimonial and/or business testimonial.
It doesn’t have to be a grand story. You don’t have to have a story where you made $10k in your first week or month. In my experience those stories don’t see to do as well because they don’t seem believable (even if they are the truth)

If you don’t have a story yet, then you can build one with this free audio about building momentum.
If you listen to the audio, you can build a great story in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Second Question: Can I do it?
Sometimes the doubt in the prospect’s mind isn’t about the company or your leadership, it’s about them.
This “untold objection” can be hard to overcome especially for new network marketers because the prospect won’t admit to it.

The prospect might wonder:
Do I have the skill set?
I know that Kenny and those other people can do but can I do it?
What if I can’t, I’ll feel quite foolish and embarrassed if I’m unable to do it.

What to do
Make it look simple.
From the very beginning of the prospecting process, make everything look simple and easy to duplicate.
I had a lot of difficulty with this because I am a nurse and I wanted to use my “expertise” to show off and explain the science behind the product.
It back fired on me. Many of my prospects would think that THEY couldn’t explain the product as well as I did and they came to (the false) conclusion that that they wouldn’t be able to do the business well.

Show them a duplicatable system
Instead of sitting down with your prospect to explain the company product, comp plan or business, use the company tools. It’s so much easier for you to allow a video or an audio to all the telling and selling for you. When a prospect asks a question, I often point to a company tool or even an upline mentor to answer the question for me. I still do this even if I know the answer. I want to make the process as easy to duplicate as possible.

I want them to be thinking:

All Kenny did was show me a video and when I had questions, he introduced me to Bob (my mentor). I can do that too.

Often we think that it’s our prospect will join because our product was invented by a Nobel prize winner and is scientifically proven but that isn’t the case. If your prospect can answer these to questions with a yes then they are more likely to join you.
Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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