2 Visualization Tricks That Will Kick Your Law Of Attraction Game Into Beast Mode Even If You Are Brand New

Visualization can be a very powerful tool if you know how to intentionally harness it.

Thoughts become things but do you ever just not feel like visualizing?

It’s counter intuitive because visualizing is very pleasant.

If you don’t get a feeling and start to get emotional about your affirmations and visualizing then they won’t work. You are just going through your actions.

So how do you get emotional about your visualizations when there are so many other things on your mind? Maybe you are just tired and want to get to bed. Maybe you are too worried to dream and you can’t concentrate long enough on your visualization to get emotional about it. Here are some tricks to help you visualize so you can intentionally harness the power of your subconscious mind.

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1. Picture Your Perfect Today
Often it’s hard to get emotional when you are visualizing about a dream life because it seems too unrealistic. When your mind tries to picture a life of abundance, instead of getting into an emotional, dream like state it immediately thinks it’s impossible and starts to doubt. The most important part of visualization is believing and feeling like it has already happened. If you have doubts, then you will have trouble believing and feeling that it is real.

So instead of dreaming about your perfect life, try visualizing something more realistic. Like today. (or tomorrow if it’s your evening visualization.)
Look at your schedule for today and picture everything happening in order in a perfect way.
If you have an important meeting planned today, then picture the meeting going smoothly and being very productive.
If you have are making a sales call to a new client that may make a large purchase, then picture your prospect answering the phone and having a pleasant conversation with you and then buying.
If you have a hot date with your spouse, then picture a great time with great food and better conversation.

Whatever you have planned for the day, picture how it could turn out in a perfect way. Believe and feel that it will happen.

It’s often easier to feel emotion when it’s something that is happening soon and feels more realistic.

My Perfect Water Park Day
This worked for me. I wanted to have a fantastic day at the water park with my son. I visualized perfect weather and the 2 of us having fun and bonding. The next morning, I found out that it was supposed to rain. We went to the water park anyway. On the way there, we got some good news! The weather had cleared and it was nice and sunny. But when we got there, we got some even better news. Not only was the weather perfect, the water park was practically empty. The scare of rain must have kept the other families away. There were less than 10 cars in the parking lot and hardly anyone in the park. We didn’t have to wait in long lines and we got to spend more time just having fun. It really was a perfect day.

Feel The Emotion and Ride Into Your Next Visualization
Allow yourself to bathe in the emotion for a little while.

Feel it.

Believe it.

Now that you can feel it and believe it, ride that feeling and allow it to take you into a state of belief for your other dreams. Those dreams that felt impossible before. They will be easier to believe and feel if you are riding on the momentum of what feels more realistic.

You might only be able to believe it for a moment or two but with practice you’ll be able to ride the feelings you get from the “realistic” visualizations into your “pie in the sky” visualizations.

Remember, emotion is the most important part so it’s worth the effort and the practice.

2.  Picture Other People Benefiting
Another trick that will help you believe is to picture other people benefiting from the blessings you are trying to visualize. Often the reason why we have difficulty feeling and believing that it’s real is because we just don’t feel worthy of success.

However, if we remind ourselves that our visualizations are not just for us but also for others then we won’t feel as greedy.


If you are visualizing a fancy new car. Not only should you visualize driving the car and enjoying your new car, you should also recognize that others will benefit from you driving a new car.

Maybe your old car has bad gas mileage or more emissions so by driving a new car you are helping the environment.

Maybe buying your new car will help the salesman reach a new bonus.

Don’t forget that by buying a new car, then everyone that was involved in building the car will benefit. They wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for people like you to buy the cars they help build.

(in the video I refer to 3 tricks but I really meant 3 steps.  1. Visualize your perfect day.  2.  Ride that feeling into your “pie in the sky” visualizations 3.  Picture 2 or more people benefiting from your blessings)

So now you know 2 little tricks that will help your visualization get to the next level.

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