2 Ways To Get Sales From Your Burnt Market

burnt2 Ways To Get Sales From Your Burnt Market

Have you ever wanted felt like you have no more warm market to talk to?
Back when I first started in this profession, people joked that they were part of the NFL club. The No Friends Left club.

People had approached their warm market so much that they most of their warm market just wasn’t interested in what they had to say if it had to do with network marketing.

It can be difficult if you feel like you are part of the NFL club and 1 of 2 things happens. Either you change your Network Marketing company and your new sponsor wants you to talk to your warm market. Or your current network marketing company has gone through a major change, either they have a new product line or they have made a change in the comp plan and your up line wants you to talk to warm market. If you are part of the NFL club you might not want to talk to your warm marketing about business.

There are 2 ways of reapproaching your warm market and getting sales and sign ups from them. Before I get into them, I want to make sure that you know about my free audio give away. If you want a free audio to help you build your network marketing business, just go to: http://kennysantos.com/freegiveaway

Talk about the product
The first way to talk to your warm market works well.  I learned this from watching a Ray Higdon Webinar.
Remember, when it comes to network marketing, the goal is to get eye balls on the presentation. The more eyeballs you get on the presentation the more likely, you’ll find someone that will say yes to either the product or the opportunity. Here is how you approach someone that is on your burnt list.

“Bob, I joined a new company, now don’t worry, I know that you want nothing to do with starting your own home based business and I’m not trying to recruit you but… I think you might find value in the product. Are you open to having a look?”

I didn’t say, “Would you like to buy it?”, because that is too easy to say no to. I said, “Are you open to having a look?” This gets eyeballs on the presentation.

Depending on the product, about 5% will buy. That’s 1 in 20. That’s more than not contacting them because you are too scared of rejection. Of the 5% that do buy, don’t try to make them into reps, they aren’t interested and you promised that you wouldn’t try to recruit them. Let them be customers. If you know how to follow up properly, they will turn in to recurring customers and you’ll get a commission from them every month. Depending on your comp plan, you only 2-3 retail customers each month to take care of your autoship and turn a small profit. If you could teach your downline to do that, they would never quit the business. Who would pass up free product and a some money (even if it’s only $10/month)?

After looking at your presentation, some of your burnt market will want to start the opportunity (remember, it’s all about eye balls on the presentation). They might ask, “This is a great business? Why didn’t you think I would be interested in this opportunity?” If they do, don’t get excited and weird, just play it cool. “I figured you weren’t open to starting your business but if you wanted to look further into the opportunity, we could do that.”

The second way to approach your burnt market will get you some very strong results.
I talk about it in the video below:

Those are the 2 ways that you can use to talk to your burnt market. Which one will you use when your newest recruit feels like they can’t talk to their friends and family? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.
Create A Great Day!

Kenny Santos
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