2 Ways To Prevent Your Reps From Quitting in MLM

quitHere is something that you’ve heard but most trainers don’t talk about.

Most network marketers quit within the first 90 days.

It’s too bad because a lot of the sponsors that recruit them into the business really take it personally when their new rep quits. They wonder, “What did I do wrong?” or “What could I have done differently?” You can’t stop everyone from quitting but you can prevent some from quitting.

Here are 2 things that you can do to prevent your reps from quitting once you’ve recruited them on to your team.

Before I get into those 2 things that you can do, you need to know that if you don’t know how to get momentum and if you don’t work your business with the specific steps to gain momentum then you’ll get very frustrated.

That’s why most 95% of Network Marketers quit!

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1. Stop convincing people
The first thing that you must do to prevent the attrition and to keep the retention is to stop convincing people to join your team.

Be quick to disqualify. If they aren’t interested, then you don’t want them on your team.
If they don’t want to work, then you don’t want them on your team.
If they think that it’s a scam, then you don’t want them on your team.

Many network marketers (especially when they first get started) are so excited to recruit someone that when someone rejects them, they try to use hype to convince them. They say, “It’s easy! Anyone can do it!”

Hype helps you recruit but only people that are likely to quit. Hype also pushes away the leaders that you are looking for.

Don’t lie and say that it’s easy. Don’t hype.

How would your business change if you screened people to see if they fit into your criteria of an ideal prospect instead of trying to convince people that your opportunity fits into their criteria of an ideal business?

Tell the truth
Imagine if you accepted a job and the recruiter lied and told you that you had certain responsibilities and a certain pay. But once you get on the job, you realized that you had more responsibilities than the recruiter told you and you didn’t get paid as much he said.
You’d quit right? Even if you would have accepted the job if the recruiter was not truthful in the beginning you would probably quit.

That’s what happens in network marketing.
So many network marketers say, “It’s easy! You can make $10k in your first month!”
So the prospect joins.
Then they go on to their first training and find out that it’s not easy. The trainer might even say, “If you joined this business because you thought it was easy then you are in the wrong place.”
Then they find out that only a very few people can make thousands of dollars in their first month.
They quit.
Plain and simple.
They were mislead so they quit.

Even if they would have liked it had you been upfront with them, once they realize the truth and that you lied, they will quit.

To prevent these types of people from quitting, be upfront with them and don’t be afraid to disqualify them.

2. Put money in their pocket as fast as you can
Most network marketers quit simply because they aren’t making money. Instead of making money, they are paying $50 – $200/month in an autoship that their uplines and their sponsor are calling a business expense.

Your down line won’t mind paying their auto ship “business expenses” if their business income exceeds it and they are in positive cash flow.

Once your rep is covering their auto ship and putting some money (even if it’s only an extra $10) into their pocket every month, they will not quit. Who would say no to free product and a little extra cash each month?

So help them get into that position! Help them get into positive cash flow as fast as possible!

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What sorts of things do you do to stop your reps from quitting?
I would love to hear them in the comments below.

Create A Great Day!

Kenny Santos
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