2 Ways Your Prejudices Are Costing You Money

cost-1174936_960_720Your Prejudices Cost You Money

When I entered the MLM Profession my prejudices cost me money. So much so that It took me 9 months before a made a single dollar in the profession. I feel quite lucky that I didn’t quit because I saw a lot of people come and go at the time and I often wondered if my stubbornness and loyalty was wasting my time.

There are 2 main reasons why your prejudices cost you money.

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1 You Prejudge The System
Most network marketing companies have a system. The first company that I joined the system was:
1. See the people
2. Tell the story
3. Build for events
4. Follow up

Other companies have the 4 steps to success and there are others.
The systems work. Usually (and especially if you are in an established network marketing company) there is proof that the system works. There is proof because all of the leaders that are being recognized on stage and being sent on fabulous reward trips are using the system. The prejudice comes in when the new network marketer wonders if the system actually works.

Does the system work?
Of course it works!

Will it work for you?
Yes, it will work for you but only if you do the work.

Then they wonder why it works. Does it really matter why a system works? You don’t need to understand how or why a system works in order to use it. When you were a child and turn the light on, you didn’t bother trying to figure out how flicking a switch would turn on the light. You just did it.

Just like flicking a switch turns on a light, if you work the system you create success.

Why it works doesn’t matter. All you have to do is follow the system. If the system says to jump, don’t ask how high. Just jump as high as you can and if you keep working the system you will create success and money.

In order to be successful in network marketing, you have to be smart enough and dumb enough to follow the system. You must be smart enough to follow the system and dumb enough to not wonder or care why the system works.

2 You Prejudge People
When you first start out in network marketing, you must prospect. I know that t attraction marketing and self branding is becoming very popular and I encourage you to do it but it takes time before it gains momentum and unless you want to just wait, you must do something before your marketing starts to bring in leads otherwise you’ll be out of business in your first 30 -90 days.

When you think about talking to someone about your business, you look at them and make an assessment. You might think, that person doesn’t look right or that person doesn’t seem like they would want to start a business or that person doesn’t seem like they would want my product.

Unless they appear to be someone that you just don’t want to associate with, there is no way of determining if someone is the right fit simply by looking at them.

You could be crossing paths with someone who could be your next leader in your business on a daily basis and not even know it. Why not talk to them and see if they are open. If they are open, then you can continue the conversation. If they aren’t, then at least you found out.

What should you say?
If you don’t know what to say to someone to find out if they are open check out this blog post How to Prospect More Professionally and More Efficiently For Your MLM  or if you would rather lead with the product go to How to Separate The Suspects From The Prospects.  You can always pick up my free mp3 download called Prospecting Questions That Work.

Now that you are aware of the prejudices that cost you money in MLM don’t let them stand in your way any more. More importantly, make sure that your team is aware of it as well and share this blog post with them.

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