2 WaysTo Sell your Product Without Turning Off Your Warm Market

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How  to market and sell your product or service without turning people off

Have you ever tried to brought up your product or service and when your prospect asks, “How do I get it?” they get turned off when you say that you sell it?


Have you ever had a prospect show interest in your product but once they find out it’s a MLM product, they are no longer interested.

Many network marketers just aren’t very good about transitioning to retail sales.
I learned 2 great techniques that are professional and are less likely to turn your prospect off. I got them from Kim Klaver’s book “If My Product’s So Great How Come I Can’t Sell It” you can get it here: http://amzn.to/1SIP2b4dtrf

1. Lead with it
The first way is to let them know right away that you sell it.

If someone asks you, “What do you do?”
Respond by saying, “I market and sell a product that…”

It’s very important that you don’t use hype words. Network marketers tend to use hype words like scientifically proven or breakthrough product but those words make your prospect tune out. Y’know how when people are listening to the radio or watching TV and a commercial comes on, they change the channel?

The same happens when you use hype.
“Our product has FDA approved and was invented by a nobel prize winner.”

Most people don’t care about the accolades of a product, they just care about what it does. So instead of using hype, use buzz words. I go into more details about it in this blog post called “Get More Sales By Knowing The Difference Between Buzz and Hype in MLM

You can also just BRIEFLY say what it for you.
“I would need a nap everyday just to function and now I have lots of energy to work and do the things I love”

After you tell them what your product does using buzz words, just ask them for referrals. “Do you know anyone that might need something like that?”

So when you put it all together it sounds like this.

I market a product for people that need more energy, like I used to. I would need a nap everyday just to function and now I have lots of energy to work and do the things I love. Do you know anyone that would want to know about a product like that?

It is a simple way to market your product without being pushy. It’s personalized with your results and since you are asking for referrals in doesn’t seem to salesy.

2. Tell Them Afterward
The second way is tell them after you bring the product up.

Sometimes you bring up your product without telling them that you market and sell it and because you used buzz words and instead of hype words they get interested.

They’ll ask : “Where do you get it?”

If you say, “I sell it.” They might think that you are just saying all those wonderful things about the product because you sell it so make sure that you are more tactful about how you let them know that they can get the product from you.

If you found out about the product first and then decided to market it. Say something like this:

“Let me tell you what happened to me. I liked the product so much that I decided to go into business for myself and make it available to other people who needed it like me. Would you like to try this out and see if it works for you like it did for me?”

If you were looking for a business first and then found the product say something like this:

“Let me tell yo uwhat happened to me. I’d been looking to represent a company that had a product I could really get behind. I found it in this one. Would you like to try it and see if it works for you (the way it did for me)?”

Those are 2 great ways to make product sales with your warm market without turning them off. What are your opinions about these techniques? I would love to hear them in the comments below.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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