2 Words That You Need To Ask Yourself Everyday To Grow Your Business

Do you want to know 2 words that you need to ask yourself everyday in order for you to make and predict your success in Network Marketing?

Many network marketers are working their business. They put a lot of time into their business, they sacrifice fun with their family, they go to sleep late and wake up early to work their business however their business doesn’t seem to grow.

They get frustrated. Do you know anyone in our profession that can relate with that?

If you learned to say these 2 words to yourself every day, you would not get frustrated. You would know where, why and why you aren’t making progress and you where you are wasting your time.

I promise if you say these 2 words to yourself everyday, 2 things will happen.

1. You’ll be able to determine how much and how fast your business will be growing

2. You’ll be motivated to take more action the next day.

Those 2 words are “HOW MANY”

At the end of the day, ask yourself…

How many people did I prospect today?
How many presentations did I do today?
How many follow ups today?
How many customers did I find today?
How many new sign ups did I get today?

The Magic Of Those 2 Words

The real magic of these 2 words is that it gives you a real measuring stick.
These activities are known as IPA’s (income producing activites) or sometimes they are called MMA (Money Making Activities).
Many network marketers think that we are “working our business” but they are really they aren’t.
They are studying the comp plan, they are studying how to prospect, they are studying the science of the product etc. Study, study, study.

Studying doesn’t make you money, and it won’t grow your business. There are many network marketers that say to themselves , “I didn’t prospect, present, follow up, sign up or find any customers but did the “study” a bunch of of stuff today!” These people are themselves into thinking that you have worked the business.

At the end of the work day, ask yourself, “How many?”
When you get that number you can determine if you really have a business or if you have an expensive hobby.
If you want a growing business, set some minimums for each of the IPA’s that you need to hit each day. It doesn’t matter how small the number is just as long as it’s more than none. Even prospecting as little as 2 people a day can really add up.
That’s 60 people a month. That’s more than 95% of all network marketers. Once you start building momentum and get results, you’ll get excited and you’ll automatically increase your minimums. You’ll go from 2 people a day up to 5, 10 or 20 people a day. When that happens, your team will grow and your business will start to really gain momentum.

If you ask yourself those 2 simple words at the end of each day. You’ll either know that you are making progress in your business or you’ll know exactly why you aren’t.
Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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