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So you are in Network Marketing, you found your “Desperate Why“, you’ve learned the business, you know how to overcome your prospects fears and how to overcome the “I don’t have any money” objections.

Your progress is coming but it’s slow.
Too slow.
So slow that somedays you are thinking that you are going to quit.

What’s the problem?

Your efforts in this profession increase exponentially. That means you won’t see much of a difference in the beginning but as you build more and more momentum, it grows faster than you can ever imagine.

Watch the following video that shows how great consistency can be and how it can work in your favor.

Many of us have heard the concept of a penny being double each day for 30 days. If you haven’t heard it then, you are in for a treat. If you have heard it, then this deserves a closer look. A penny doubled each day for 30 days is $5,368,709.12. That is a surprisingly large number if you haven’t heard the concept before.

Your business growth in Network Marketing advances in a very similar manner.
Here’s the difference between “kinda working your business” and “really working your business”.

So let’s continue with this analogy. As you work your business, the first day you make you make $0.01 the next day $0.02, then $0.04, then $0.08 and so on. By day you are at $0.16. By day 10 you are at $5.12. Granted that network marketing doesn’t grow exactly like this but it does grow exponentially and the little pay outs seem negligible at the beginning.

It’s at this point that many people quit. They say, “it doesn’t work.” Actually it works, they just didn’t work long enough.

If they just stuck with it for 10 more days they would be at $5242.88 and if they did it 10 more after that, they would be in the millions.

Let’s look at it another way.
If you worked everyday, you would be at $5,368,709.12 in one month.
If you did it every other day you would only be $163.84.
Wow! Big difference.
If you did it every third day then it’s only $5.12.
Every 4th day, about $1.00
Every 5th day, $0.32.

That’s the difference between “all out massive action” and “working the business on the side. That’s the difference between consistency and doing it “when you have time.”

If you knew the results you could get, would you make the time?
One of the biggest problems is that most don’t see the big picture and they don’t work consistently for a long enough period of time.

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