How To Overcome Any Obstacle

Got anther inspirational email from a colleague that grew up in the USSR.  His name is Vitaly Grinblat.


When I was a kid, my grandfather used to tell me that if I wanted something I have to work at it and I’ll get it.

You see, I didn’t have any special athletic abilities growing up.

I was pretty skinny and had somewhat of a rough time in the gym class.

Growing up back in the Communist Soviet era, the gym class was quiet different.

We didn’t play games, mostly.

What we had to do was climb the rope, do pull ups, jump over a gymnastic apparatus a little smaller than a vault, and stuff like that.

I’m talking 8, 9, 10 year old kids, and we used to get graded on it.

Pretty wild ha?

Looking back now, it was actually good.

Anyway, I wasn’t the last in the class, but I certainly wasn’t at the top. There were kids much stronger than me.

To get an A, one of the requirements was to do 6 pull-ups.

The most I could do was five. No matter how hard I tried, I could only do 5.

The following year, we moved to the U.S. and within a couple of years I developed a deep desire to gain weight and strength.

When I turned 14, I got a membership at a gym and started lifting weights.

I went nuts, and for a period of time I would lift 5 days a week.

Now I never gained tremendous strength, but I became a helluva lot stronger, and with it my confidence soared.

I could easily bench press 225 lbs at 16, which for me was big accomplishment, and doing 25 pull-ups was a piece of cake.

I remembered what my grandfather told me that if I wanted something, all I need to do was work hard at it and I’ll get

How much or how little talent you have does NOT matter.

Later when I got out of school and got into this business, I already had a burning desire to make money.

Coming from an immigrant family, and not having much extras, I realized quickly that if I wanted nicer things, I’ll have to
figure out a way to make money.

So it was easy for me to skip the “normal” path of going to school, getting a degree and landing a “good” job.

I didn’t believe in the fact that good jobs existed.

So when I stumbled across my first business opportunity I was all over it.

Regardless of the fact that I struggled and knew absolutely nothing about sales, my deep burning desire to succeed kept me going.

And my grandfather’s words were still playing loud and clear in my head.

So, instead of focusing on what I didn’t have or know how to do, I made a decision to find a way to learn what I needed.

None of my friends or family supported me, except for my dad who was also in the business.

Not one of  them had any business background and I realized quickly that if I was going to make it, I have to get myself around others who are like me.

Just like back in High School, when I started lifting weights, I would hang around other kids who had the same goal as me.

And now I needed to get myself in the right kind of environment that’s conducive to success.

It’s easy to get around the negativity, it’s pretty much anywhere you turn.

But you have to work at getting yourself in a positive and uplifting environment and around people who can help you achieve your goals.

In fact, I’ll even say that the speed at which you become successful will depend on it.

There’s magic that happens when you’re in a room with a few hundred like-minded people.

Your energy and belief goes through the roof.

—– end of email————————

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