3 Important Life Lessons That I Learned From A Dog

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When I grew up, I was always scared of dogs.
I was never bitten or attacked by a dog but I’ve always been scared of them.
It often didn’t even matter what size they were.
Big or small, I was scared of dogs.

Imagine how I felt when I lost everything (that’s another story) and the only place I could stay was with my friend Christion and his pit bull Ninja.

Ninja was the perfect dog for someone like me to live with. He is gentle, smart and obedient. Ninja became a very good friend of mine. I love that dog more than some of friends and family. Here are some moments of Ninja with my son Mason when Mason was less than 2 years of age.

That is one of my favorite videos, not only of Ninja but also of my son.

Besides being a great friend, Ninja has taught me some great lessons in life. Here are 3 of them.

Life Lesson 1 – Persistence
If Ninja wants something, he will keep trying to get it until he succeeds.
I’ve seen Christion hang one of Ninja’s toys in a tree and I’ve watched Ninja jump to try and get it. It always looked like it was just a little bit too high for Ninja to reach. But that didn’t matter to Ninja, he would jump and jump and jump. He would eventually get it. Sometimes he would try to reach it far longer than most dogs would persist. Or maybe all dogs are that persistent, I don’t know. But Ninja would never ever give up. I tracked down a video of Ninja jumping for one of his toys. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ninja would try jumping his toy for hours and hours if Christion would let him. You can see the video here:

What would we be able to accomplish if we just didn’t give up? How many times have we failed at something not because we didn’t have the skill or the talent but because we gave up too quickly? When I first joined the profession of network marketing, I didn’t make any money for the first 9 months. I could have quit at any time before that. What if I did? My life would be completely different.

If you are stuck in a rut, don’t quit trying. You may fail many times but you only need to succeed once. The next try could be the one when you finally succeed.

Life Lesson 2 – See The Good
Whenever Ninja met someone new, his tail would wag and would run up to greet them. He assumed that others were good and he looked for it. As a result, he is very loved by all that know him.

When I was living with Ninja, I was in a bad place. I had just lost my home, my car and my marriage and I wasn’t always in the best of moods. Many times when no other person was in the house, I would have meltdowns. I would sit on the couch with tears running down my face. Sometimes I would suffer in silence. Other times, I would scream out in frustration because I felt like I couldn’t do anything right. Sometimes Ninja would be able to some how open the door and be with me. He would just sit on the floor at my feet and I could tell that he was there to help me feel better. Even in my moments of ugliness, Ninja saw the good in me.

When you see the good in people, 2 big things happen. First, you are happier. That speaks for itself. Life is better when you are happier. Food tastes better. Music sounds better. Everything is better when you are happier. Second, when you see the good in people, then others want to be around you more. They are more likely to help you and refer you to others. You get more opportunities in life when you see the good in people. I wish that I learned that earlier. It took a dog to teach me that invaluable lesson.

If you want to see the 3rd Lesson that ninja taught me, make sure to watch the video.

Bonus Life Lesson- Do The Impossible
Scientist say that it’s impossible for the bumble bee to fly. The trouble is the bee doesn’t know that. So it flies! Cats can climb trees and dogs (for the most part) can’t. But Ninja doesn’t know that. So he can climb trees.

Check it out:

Things are only impossible if you think they are

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