3. Joe Talks with Frank

“I’m glad that you called.” Said Frank

Here’s the thing, said Jake. Joe and I have been trying to lose weight for years and years now. He wants to know how I have kept the weight off this time. I told him that we’ve been working together and that you’ve helped me change my mind.

“So Joe, are you ready to change your mind?”

“Why do I need to change my mind?”

“Let me explain. How much do you weigh?”

“I dunno… about 280 lbs.”

“Is that how much you’ve always weighed after you dieted, lost some weight and gained it back?”

“Yes… give or take a couple of pounds.”

“Here’s the thing. Right now your mind thinks that you are supposed to weigh 280 lbs. It’s been thinking that for a long time now. That’s why you are only successful at losing the weight. You are not successful at keeping it off. You might not know this but after you get to your goal weight since your mind thinks it’s supposed to weigh 280lbs. It starts reasoning with you. It tells you that you deserve to take a break from your diet, maybe take a break from your exercise your routine. It starts small. Maybe just once or twice a week. Then maybe every other day. Eventually, before you know it, you weigh 280 lbs again you haven’t been eating properly and you it’s been so long since you’ve exercised. Sound familiar?

Ya it does…. I’ve done that same thing over and for years now. So has Jake. How did you know that?

I know that cause I’ve done the same thing. Not just me bout countless others. Diets even if you combine them with exercise may work at the beginning and for a short while but they won’t work for the long term. The key is that you’ve got to change your mind.

Ok you’ve convinced me… How do I change my mind?

First you have to be very committed. Second no matter how weird, you have to follow my instructions. Deal?


Ok I’ll be back home instructing a yoga class this weekend. You come to my yoga class and we can talk afterward.

Yoga? I dunno about that.

I thought that we had a deal.

That’s right! I’ll be there. I’ll see you this weekend then. Bye

As Joe hung up the phone he had a new sense of confidence. This sounds like it’s actually going to work. If it works for Frank and Jake then why couldn’t it work for me?

Joe turned to Jake. “So… what should I expect this weekend?

“I’ll let you wait until tomorrow it’s better if Frank explains it to you. But he’s right. It’s kind of weird but it does work. I followed his instructions and I’ve kept the weight off.

Wow! I can’t wait. Your coming right?

Ya I’ll be there.

So… I guess I better get rid of all this junk food before I change my mind this weekend. Do you wanna have some dinner? I’ve got a couple of pot pies in the freezer and a couple gallons of ice cream. You wanna help me get rid of it?

I’ll have dinner with you but I’ll just stick to my diet. Don’t forget I’ve changed my mind.

Wow you got some real will power.I guess that it really does work huh?

Not really. It’s not about will power. I just changed my mind.

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