3 Law of Attraction New Year’s Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep

new meLaw of Attraction New Year’s Resolutions
Every year millions of people make New Year’s Resolutions that they can’t keep. It’s not that they are liars because in the moments when they make their New Year’s Resolutions they think that they will keep them. Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions that you can’t keep, why not make some New Years Resolutions that are not only realistic to keep but will also make a tremendous difference and attract abundance in your life.

1. Forgive
Your first easy to keep New Year’s Resolution that will attract abundance into your life is to forgive.
When you wake each day. Forgive someone. You might have to forgive someone more than once because even though you have “forgiven” them before you still carry that feeling with you and you haven’t really forgiven them (You know what I mean by that).

Forgiving someone else is about serving you. When you hold a grudge against someone, you carry a heavy feeling with you. The person that you have a grudge against might not even be aware that you are angry. They are going on living their life while you are wasting time being mad at them. Stop it. It’s nonsense. Forgive them. You don’t have to call them up or talk to them face to face to forgive them. You just have to be forgiving in the moment and decide that you will not let this anger burden your life any longer. Let it go.

Don’t forget to forgive yourself.If you don’t forgive yourself, you won’t feel worthy of success and you will self sabotage your actions.

Forgiving yourself is a huge step towards accepting abundance into your life.

2. Be Grateful
The second easy to keep New Year’s Resolution that will attract abundance into your life is to be grateful.
Set some time everyday to just be grateful for what you have. 

“No matter how hard you think your life is, there is always someone that would trade places with you in an instant.”

List off the things that you are grateful for in your life. The more you do it, the more you’ll find that your list is endless. When you are done you will feel so much better.

“Trade your expectation for appreciation and your world changes instantly”~Tony Robbins

3. Visualize
The third easy to keep New Year’s Resolution that will attract abundance into your life is to visualize everyday.
Every day. Twice a day.
Take some time.
Turn off the distractions.
Close the door.
Get comfortable.
And dream.

Visualize the life that you want.
Visualize the person that you want to become.
Make your visualizations sensory rich. Use all the senses.
What does your new car or house look, feel and smell like?
What does your new healthy, sexy body body look like?
Fill your visions with emotion. Sometimes when you visualize, you’ll be on the verge of tears.
This will be one of your favorite times each day. Close your eyes and make the movie in your mind. This will program your subconscious.

“What ever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve”

Easy to do
This 3 New Year’s Resolutions should be easy to do. They shouldn’t feel like some kind of chore. They will be something that you look forward to everyday. These are you 3 new good habits. Enjoy them and let them change your life.

Create a great day!

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