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If you haven’t seen my first post “3 things Network Marketers Need To Stop Doing“, check it out here: http://kennysantos.com/3-things-that-network-marketers-need-to-stop-doing/

Here are 3 more things that network marketers need to stop doing and they relate specifically for your warm market

Stop Nagging Your Warm Market To Join Your Company
Remember this, most people just don’t want to start a business. So if they say no to you the first time, don’t take it personally. Just talk to the next person.

When you nag someone you are being a pest. I don’t know if this happens where you are but in Toronto, we have telemarketers calling several times a week asking us if we want our ducts cleaned. Our ducts! It can get annoying sometimes. Telemarketers are recognized as pests because they don’t know how to take no for answer. Don’t be like that. If your prospect says no then you don’t want them on your team.

Which would your rather have; someone who is excited to start a business or someone who begrudgingly agreed to start a business?

If you have to convince them to join, you’ll have to convince them to work.

I don’t want anyone on my team that I have to convince to work.
I go into further detail about this on my blog post called “The Curse Of Convincing”, make sure to check it out here.

Stop Using Bait and Switch Tactics
I remember, once of my new recruits was excited to do a home party. I told him that the most important ingredient to a successful home party is to have guests. When I got there, I was impressed. He had a whole room of people there. The trouble was he didn’t tell everyone that it was a business opportunity presentation. Some people knew it was for business while others thought it was just for some food and fun.
Imagine how those felt when we started to do a presentation. It wasn’t received well.
Surprising people with a presentation is just dishonest and it isn’t a great way to start a business relationship with someone. It looks unprofessional and sleazy. Some of these people had already been invited to see a business opportunity presentation and had declined.

“The most important ingredient to a presentation isn’t guests, it’s interested guests.”

You might think, “Well they haven’t even seen a presentation! If they only saw a presentation, then for sure they would want to join!”
If they don’t want to see a presentation then you don’t want them to see it either.
This is especially important if it’s a group presentation. Having one person who is putting off some negative energy can ruin a whole home party. You might have a prospect that is either excited or not sure if they want to join. They want to wait a little bit and feel out the situation. Maybe listen in on some conversations and see if other people are joining.

Now imagine if your friend, who you’ve dragged, begged and or tricked into coming to the presentation is sitting right beside them. During the entire presentation, they are fidgeting and looking at their watch. After the presentation is over, they quickly leave. Or worse, they loudly express their disapproval and call it a scam. Do you think that might put some second thoughts on ALL of the other guests?

It takes just a moment’s hesitation to create doubt. In that moment, you can lose a sale or sign up.

Anyone that doesn’t want to be at the meeting will bring negative energy to it. If your warm market doesn’t want to come to a presentation, then you certainly don’t want them there either. So don’t trick them into coming.

In the video below I share the third thing that network marketers just need to stop doing. It’s something that so many network marketers do and it continues to make the us look unprofessional.

Was helpful? Can you think of any other things that network marketers just need to stop doing? Let me know in the comments below.

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