3 Simple Things That You Do Can Today To Become Happy

Become HappyBecome Happy
I used to think that if I made more money, then I would be happier but then I read that it’s the other way around. You must be happy first then you will make more money. I even wrote a blog post about it called “Solid Proof That Being Happy Makes You More Money”

Being wealthy won’t make you happy but being happy will make you more wealthy.

Happier people are more likely to make more money. But what can you do to become happier?

Here are 3 simple things that anyone can do and they will lead a happier life.

1. Meditate
To be happy you must be well rested and have a clear mind. Meditation is a wonderful way to get a well rested and clear minded. You might think that you don’t have time to meditate but I want you to understand this:

Meditation creates more time and energy than it consumes.

Think of your cell phone. If your phone is almost out of battery and is about to die, if you plug your phone in just 10 minutes, it will give you more than 10 minutes worth of phone life. On the same token, the same phone which can last hours and hours on a full battery can get fully charged in less than an hour or 2.

Meditation is the same. If you just take some time to rest and clear your mind, you’ll find that it will pay you back in buckets.
When I started, I didn’t think that I had 45 – 60 minutes of time to meditate each day so I started with meditating for just 10 minutes each day.

I found that meditating for just 10 minutes made a profound difference in my mood and productivity.

I did not know how to meditate when I got started so I used an app that you can find at https://www.calm.com/ . You can sign up for free and it has a great introduction to meditation. Try it. It just may change your life like it did for me.

2. Be Grateful

I know that you may have read dozens of articles or watched dozens videos that prove the power of gratitude. If you haven’t here are some articles and videos that can get you started: http://kennysantos.com/?s=grateful&submit=

Being grateful is a simple as thinking about all the things that make you happy.

You can’t help but be happier if you simply take the time (even if it’s just for a 5 minutes) and be grateful.

3. The most important thing that you can do to become happier is something that we can learn from dogs and babies.
If you can’t figure out what it is from that clue, then watch this short video.

So now you know 3 things that you can do today to become happy.

Being wealthy won’t make you happy but being happy will make you more wealthy.

of these will you implement?

Bonus Tip -Exercise
If you want to be happy then start to exercise. Exercise gets you into action and action leads to achievement. Exercise also releases endorphins and if you didn’t already know, endorphins are a “feel good” hormone. They get released when you are in love, when you eat chocolate, when you have an orgasm and also (you guessed it) when you exercise! If you don’t already have an exercise routine, then start with something small. Take a daily 10 minute walk. You can even use that time to be grateful.

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