3 Small Things You Need To Know That Will Improve Your MLM Results In A Big Way

MLM Results
In network marketing, you really only need 3 ingredients in order to be successful.

All 3 ingredients are important. Just like a cake, if any of the ingredients are missing, it won’t work out.

So what are the 3 ingredients that are needed for MLM Success?

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1. The Right Action
You can’t expect to get create success for yourself unless you take action and it has to be the right action.

Your company might have system they want you to follow so use it. Otherwise, in network marketing, the right actions are a process and each step is as follows
a. Prospecting
b. Inviting
c. Presenting
d. Closing.

If you have no one in your pipe line then start prospecting.

Don’t mix up busy work with taking action. Studying your company’s product, service or compensation plan won’t make you any money or create any success in network marketing. Sure you are taking action, it just isn’t the right action.

If you don’t like your current results, the best thing to do is to prospect and get eyeballs on the presentation.

2. The Right Consistency
I’ve seen too many network marketers get excited because they are just getting started or they are excited because they just attended a training and then go gangbusters with the right action only to quit after a day, a week or even a month saying that “it doesn’t work.”

It’s not enough to merely take the right action, you must also be consistent with that action. Your consistency in prospecting will result in these things.
– you’ll get better at prospecting from experience and practice.
– you will expose more people to the opportunity or product/service.

Both of these will result in more sales and sign ups for your business!

3. The Right Mindset.
I got the first 2 necessary ingredients for success in MLM by watching a video by a friend of mine named Kramer.If you just do the first 2 things for long enough, you will eventually see better results. If you are doing the first 2 but not getting the results you are looking for then it is a mindset problem. If you “fix” your mindset, you’ll see results much faster.

Mindset is talked about in network marketing but it’s still often over looked. Your success in life is not about what happens to you. It is 100% about you and how you respond to you circumstances.

If you don’t feel worthy of success or if you don’t fully 100% believe in yourself, then you will unknowingly, unconsciously self sabotage your efforts. It will be frustrating if you don’t take care of your mindset.

The worst part about having the wrong mindset is that you think you can fix it by creating results. Many people think,”Once I get results (or create success), then I’ll feel worthy.” They have hit backwards, you have to feel worthy first so that you can get out of your own way and only then will you be able to become successful.

When you have the wrong mindset, there is an invisible aura of negativity around you. You won’t even know it’s there. But it is. Just like a dog can sense fear, people will sense an uneasiness about you. They won’t know why, but they won’t trust you or want to work with you. When you have a positive mindset, you attract people. People will feel comfortable around you. They won’t know why but they will trust you more and they are more likely to work with you.

When you have the wrong mindset you also won’t play big. You’ll unconsciously self sabotage yourself by playing small. The most frustrating part about this is that you’ll feel like you are working your butt off but the results aren’t coming and you won’t even know why. You can read more about it in these 2 blog posts:  Barriers To Success: Stop Doing This Or Fail Forever and How To Finally Change Your Life For The Better, Forever With Only 2 Incredibly Powerful Words

These ingredients are very important. They can be added to to make your success come faster but they can’t be replaced. In a cake, you can add frosting to enhance the cake but you could never replace frosting with a key ingredient like flour. Feel free to add to these ingredients to success but don’t make the mistake of trying to replace them.

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