3 Steps To Getting Paid For Being You


What if there was a way to get paid for doing the things that you love to do?How would your life be different?
Would you have better relationships with your spouse and kids?
Would you that extra joy in life bring you more health?

There is a 3 step process that I learned from listening to a Podcast by Andy Andrews that shows the process that I will share with you today. But before I get into that here’s a free audio mp3 so you can learn 6 Law of Attraction Life Hacks.

Step 1- Find your Passion
Find out what you are good at and also love to do.
If you have difficulty thinking of something try this simple exercise:
If money wasn’t an issue and you didn’t have the time constraints of a job, what would you be doing with your time?
For some of you, you would travel.
For others it would be spending time with your kids.
Some people love to cook or bake (like my friends Angie, Bonnie and Amy) Some love to eat (like my brother Jeff).
Some even like to clean, detail cars or landscape (not me).
What is it that you would love to spend your time doing?
What is your passion?

Step – 2 Use Your Passion To Bring Value To Others
How can your passion solve a problem or bring value to other people?
You might think that there is no value to what you love to do but I invite you to look closer.
You can blog about your passion.
A home cook could cater or write a recipe book.
A gardener could do a YouTube series or sell their seeds.
The food lover could do a restaurant reviews.
The traveler could start a travel blog or to rate or share their travel experiences.
When you get imaginative, the possibilities are endless.

Step 3 – Prove it.
If it’s something you love to do and you’ve found a way to bring value to others, then prove it!

Prove that your passion can actually bring value to others.

You don’t even need to get paid for it when you get started. If you love doing it then you’ll be doing it anyway so help others benefit in the process.

Offer to bake a cake for a child of a friend’s birthday party.
Mow someone’s lawn.
Create a blog or a YouTube series about your favorite TV series or the books you are reading.

Even if you don’t know how to do something, if you have enough passion for the process, you’ll figure it out. By the way google and YouTube can be great resources.

If you keep bringing value to people, you’ll eventually get paid for it.
Someone might ask you to bake a cake or cater for their next party. A newspaper or website might ask you to start a column for restaurant reviews.
Your passion for mowing lawns can turn into a landscaping business.
My friend John who hand washes his car almost every weekend, told me about a guy in the UK that charges $5k to meticulously clean high end sports cars!

What if my passion has no value?
If you still think that there is no value in your passion, tell that to the dozens of youtubers who have millions of views and all they do is pull practical jokes on each or play video games or show life hacks. (You do realize that they get paid 10’s of thousands of dollars directly from youtube and it’s based on their views and their minutes watched right?)  Even someone who loves to take naps can give tips on how to fall asleep.

If you think that you are too old, then tell that to Harland Sanders who at age 65 felt like a failure. While he sat writing his will, he how good of a cook he was. So he borrowed $87, fried up some chicken using his recipe, went door to door to sell. At age 88 Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Empire died a very wealthy and successful man.

Your passion can turn into profits and eventually your lively hood.

Now imagine if that happened to you?
You would no longer dread Monday mornings. If your passion could support you and your family, even if you don’t become a millionaire, you would be so incredibly “rich” .
You would be “wealthier” than the higher paid business execs or office workers who not so secretly hate their jobs.

You would be happier, you would smile more and you would be living your purpose.
Now think about how the world would change if EVERYBODY was happier lived their purpose.

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Create A Great Day!

Kenny Santos
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