3 Things That Network Marketers Need To Stop Doing

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Would you like Network Marketing to be recognized as an actual profession instead of one of those “pyramid schemes”?
We often think that our profession is not recognized as a profession because everyone else is ignorant. Are you willing to try on the possibility that the reason why network marketing isn’t recognized as a profession is (at least in part) because of us?

If network marketers want to earn like professionals then they must be recognized as professionals. If we want to be recognized as professionals then must start acting as professionals.

Acting professional is not about wearing a nice suit and having a firm handshake. There are plenty of used car salesmen that do that and even though there is probably nothing wrong with most used car salesmen, they still get lumped in the cheesy, sleazy, unprofessional category.

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There are plenty of things that we as network marketers must stop doing. Here are 3 of them.

1. Stop Putting Down Jobs
Most people are programmed from a very young age to go to school, get good grades and get safe secure job. I was brought up the same way. I’ve since changed my opinion about jobs. They aren’t as safe and secure as I thought they were. However, trying to convince someone that their job sucks doesn’t make you look smart. It makes you look like a jerk. You can back up your argument with a lot of statistics and facts but if you don’t say it in the right way, people won’t like you. They won’t join your team.

It’s more important to be kind than to be right.

A popular argument that network marketers have when someone says that their opportunity is a pyramid scheme is to turn the tables around and show how the corporate world is the real pyramid scheme. It got very popular with this video:

I used to put down jobs and tell people that their job was a pyramid.
Did it get me some sales and signups? Yes it did!
Did it lose me some sales and signups? Looking back it lost me tons of sales and sign ups. I wish I knew that putting down jobs just wasn’t an effective way to prospect. At least I know now.

2. Stop Putting Down Other Network Marketing Companies and Other Network Marketers
We are all in this together. Putting down other companies and other network marketers just doesn’t look professional to others who are not part of the profession and watching from the sidelines. We already have so many people that are scrutinizing our opportuniites. They don’t need any help to find something wrong with our profession. When a fellow network marketer is successful, it’s only proof that our system works and works very well so we should applaud them.

There are companies that are getting investigated right now to see if they are legit or if they are pyramid schemes. Let’s not cheer when companies are being investigated. We should be sending them good energy and rooting for their success. If they are forced to close down it just doesn’t affect them, it affects all of us. It could set a precedence and make it easier for other companies to be closed down and affect the entire profession.

3. Stop Trying to Convince Customers To Be Reps
Imagine that I buy the latest iPhone. You love it! While you are checking out the cashier says, “Hey! If you love the phone so much, you should sell it!” You politely decline. A couple weeks later, you get phone call from Apple, “We heard that you love the phone, why don’t you want to sell it?” You decline once again. What if they kept asking you every 2 weeks to a month whether you wanted to sell iPhones and you kept saying no? They just kept calling you, sending you texts and sending you emails. It would be a pain wouldn’t it?

Many network marketers do this to their customers. It’s happened to me and I’ve also done it. It looks unprofessional. So we need to stop.

There are plenty of things that we buy and love (like our cell phone, our car, our computer, our home) but we do not want to sell to our friends and family.

Just because you love your home doesn’t mean you want to become a realtor and just because your customers love your product doesn’t mean they want to become reps.

Leave your customers alone and let them be customers. Otherwise, they’ll stop buying from you and give there business to someone else.

Those are 3 things that we need to stop. What are some more?

Create A Great Day!

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