3 Things You Can Do To Build Belief In Your Team (And You)

how-to-build-confidenceTeam Building: Building Belief
When you are team building, one of the most important things to be aware of is building belief. You can teach them the skills and the know how but if they do not believe, they will either procrastinate and not do the assign actions or they will perform those actions out of weakness.

If you are really interested in team building, then here’s a simple plan to build a serious team in network marketing without nagging, endless hand holding, or constant disappointment.

Here are 3 things that you can do to building belief when you are team building.

1. Study
Network marketers are really good at the study portion of building belief. That is because there is a lot of material available on how to do the IPA`s (income producing activities). All you really need is some of your company resources and they will teach you how to find people, invite them, show them a presentation, overcome objections and also how to close. Studying and having knowledge is a key component in building belief and confidence.

The problem is that most network marketers still fail to take action, they still feel fear, they still feel like they don`t know enough.

When you are team building, be sure move your team beyond the study portion of belief and into action.

2. Listen to success stories
There is saying that I learned in my first month of network marketing:

Facts tell but stories sell.

While that’s true in selling your opportunity, it’s also true in selling belief when you are team building.

Make sure that your team is hearing all of the success stories. Let them listen to the “rags to riches” stories.

They will think, if Bob who started with nothing and didn’t have any prior experience can go from living in his mom’s basement to making 5 figures a month then ANYONE can do it. Especially me!

The best kinds of success stories.
When we first get started in network marketing we like to hear the stories of the “overnight” successes. Bob made $5k in his first month in the business and then made $10k the next month. These can be really uplifting. However, when you are team building, you must remember that most people do not achieve that level of success. Not quickly, not ever.

Some of your team may actually get discouraged when they hear about some of the “overnight successes” because they’ll think that there is something wrong with them. “If Bob did it so fast in a couple months, why wasn’t I able to do it? There must be something wrong with me. I must not be a good fit for this business.” Those “overnight” success stories that once inspired your team might actually discourage them.

The best kinds of success stories to share when you are team building are the stories of people that stuck with it. Maybe someone took 2 months to make their first phone call, let alone their first sale and now 18 months after they got started they finally hit their first rank and got a bonus check. That’s something worth celebrating isn’t it. These stories will not only encourage and inspire your team but it will also build belief in them.

Hearing stories is the biggest reason why you should get as many people as possible to your company’s events. It’s not about the training (which is great) or even about the new announcement about the change in comp plan or the new announcement about the new product. It’s too have your team hear the stories.

3. Take action
It’s the little successes that build confidence and belief.
The problem is that network marketers are very good a procrastinating when it comes to making calls. They keep pushing it back and they tell themselves that they will make calls after dinner or the next day. But the next day turns into the next week and then a month.  If they keep pushing their calls back, they won’t make any money and they will end up quitting within their first 90 days.  (There is a way that you can prevent them from quitting).  If only they had just made a couple of calls that it’s not as scary or even as difficult as they thought it was.

When you are team building a great way to “make” your team take action is by setting up a training meeting and making calls with them. 

If you do the training meeting properly 2 things will happen
a. they make money.
b. they will start to believe.

Once they get some success making calls, they’ll be excited to make more calls. They will see that it really isn’t that scary to do and they will also see that they aren’t nearly as bad as they thought they were. They will want to make more calls and finish their list. If you don’t setting up training and make calls with them, most of your team will just procrastinate the process.

Most importantly
Not only should your team be doing this but YOU SHOULD BE DOING THIS! If you are really team building, you should leading your team by example. You should be studying, you should be the success story they see, you should be taking action.

If you do all of the above properly, you’ll be successful at team building and you’ll have less attrition on your team.

Create a great day!

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