3 Things You Need To Do To Attract Abundance

3 steps to abundanceLaw Of Attraction
Have you ever considered this? No matter how hard you work, if the Universe is “against” you, you’ll never get the life of your dreams. You could work your butt off but if things just don’t go your way, you’ll never be successful.
The good news is that the Universe is on your side but even if it is, it is unable to deliver success to you if you don’t do some of the work with it. Many people think that they can just use the Law of Attraction to manifest and think their way to success. If you try to do that, you will manifest your way into foreclosure and poverty.

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There are 3 things that you need to do to use the law of attraction, manifest success and have the Universe deliver abundance to you.
1. Find your passion
2. Feel Worthy
3. Take action.

Find Your Passion
When it comes to the law of attraction, emotion is the language of the Universe. Nothing is more emotional than passion.

What is passion?
Passion is the willingness to suffer for something.

Once you find your passion, your whole life changes. Your current life may be pretty good. It actually might be spectacular but if you are haven’t found your passion, it just isn’t as good as it deserves to be.
When you find your passion, you are willing to work hard, you are willing to lose sleep and skip meals because you are lost in your work.

When you find your passion you go to bed exhausted because you have worked hard all day and you get to say to yourself,
“Today may not have been the best day ever but it’s the best that I could have made it.”

If you haven’t found your passion, you go to bed making up excuses why you didn’t work towards your goals.
“I didn’t get to work on my goals today because I got distracted I needed to clean the house and my favorite show was on TV.”
It’s just not a great way to live life.

Feeling Worthy
Since emotion is the language of the Universe, you must understand this when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

The Universe will not deliver to a feeling of unworthiness.

If you don’t feel worthy  it doesn’t matter how hard you work, the skills you have or how talented you are. The Universe won`t work with you towards success.
If you don`t forgive yourself you will self sabotage your success, you`ll let yourself get distracted from doing the activities that will bring you closer to your goal. Things that you are perfectly capable of doing. To show you it`s possible the Universe may deliver some abundance to you but if you don`t feel worthy, you`ll lose it. That`s why 95% lottery winners are broke within 5 years.

When it comes to the law of attraction, if you have the first 2 ingredients; you have found your passion and you feel worthy, then taking action happens automatically. You have understand that even if you did everything you can, it would never be enough if the Universe did not do it`s part.

Playing softball with the Universe.
Think about it like you are playing softball with the Universe. You guys are on the same team and it`s a league where you pitch to your own team. It`s your job to pitch the most perfect ball you can so that the Universe can hit that home run.


From Leveraging The Universe By Mike Dooley

The action part is important
Many people think that because the book is called “Think and Grow Rich” or because they hear that “thoughts become things” that the law of attraction doesn’t require work. It does require work. Thoughts become things and because of work.

If the Universe told you that you were going to have great day fishing, wouldn’t you at least go out, get your fishing rod and put a line in the water? If you were smart you would put more than one fishing line in the water.

You can’t harness the Law of Attraction if you don’t take action just like you can’t have a great day fishing if you don’t at least put a line in the water.

Create a great day!

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