3 Very Simple But Effective Steps That Will Make You Look Like A Network Marketing Professional

network marketing professionalNetwork Marketing Professional
I’ve recently had some of my friends tell me that they are looking for a job. They say they are open to almost anything however they make it clear that they simply are not interested in any work from home opportunities or MLM.

If this was 10 years ago, I would have called these types of people closed minded and brainwashed. But, I’ve grown up since then and I instead wonder,

“Why is there such a stigma behind our profession?”

A big part of the stigma is simply because for the most part, network marketers act unprofessional. They use a lot of hype and do a try to convince there prospect to attend meetings and webinars and it makes them look desperate. They will even try to use guilt tactics on their warm market.

Why You Shouldn’t Nag and Chase
Remember this, over 90% of network marketers fail. Most of them don’t make any money and even more don’t make a profit.

Imagine you are trying to recruit your best friend. He initially rejects the idea and says no.

Now if you choose to chase him there are 3 possible scenarios:

1. You beg and plead and nag and guilt him but he still says no. All of the hyping a convincing that you tried leads to some tension between the 2 of you and you guys aren’t close as you used to be.

2. You beg and plead and nag and guilt him into joining and it works, he joins. You make a commission and you are excited for him. He has over 90% chance of failing. He might be super excited that he joined or he might have just joined because you kept bugging him. He becomes part of the majority that fails. Now whenever you guys see each other at family gatherings, it’s weird. There’s an unspoken tension between the 2 of you because you both know that you convinced him to spend money when he initially didn’t want to and now he’s out a couple thousand dollars so you can make a couple hundred dollars. You’ve lost a relationship.

3. You beg and plead and nag and guilt him into joining. He is excited about the business and becomes part of the 10% that actually succeed he is so happy.

Now what are the chances of the 3rd scenario actually happening?

Slim. Super Slim.

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll let you hear it again:

If you have to convince them to join, you’ll have to convince them to work.

Instead of convincing someone to join like most other network marketers would do, stand out from the crowd and act professional. Qualify them instead. Don’t look for those that should be on your team because they need the money. Look for those that want to be on your team. The ones that are willing to fight for a change in their life because they are hungry.

Standing Out And Looking Professional
It’s easy to get into convincing mode because you are excited about your business and sometimes you just can’t control yourself from talking too much.

When you are prospecting, don’t seek to impress, instead seek to be impressed.

Here are 3 steps you can take while you are recruiting that will make you look professional.
1. Don’t try to impress them, if you do that, you are giving the control to them. Instead, talk to them like they are human being and look for things that will impress you. Maybe they are ambitious, maybe they have an incredible positive attitude or maybe they are very connected and have a large network. If they are the person you are looking for then you’ll be able to find something about them that impresses you.

2. Once you find something that impresses you, point it out and see if they are open to something new. Say something like this:

“Wow! You have an amazing attitude, you might be a good fit for what we are working on. Are you at all open to a new opportunity if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?

Notice how different this is than what an amateur network marketer would do.
A typical network marketer would most likely say something like this.

“Wow! I’m working with XYZ company and you would be great at this! We have scientifically proven product, that was invited by a nobel prize winning doctor. Our company is ground floor so you would be getting in at the very beginning… blah, blah blah, hype, hype, hype.”

And their prospect has stopped actively listening and they are probably turned off because it sounds desperate.

Instead, you are using phrases like “you MIGHT be a good fit for…” and “are you AT ALL OPEN to…” Those are qualifying statements and they don’t make you sound desperate.

3. If they aren’t open, leave them alone. Let them go, they aren’t the type person that you want on your team. They might be in the future but they aren’t now. If they are open, then set up an appointment with them but remember not to use hype to try to impress them. Say something like this:

“We are getting together on a conference call (or meeting or meeting or webinar or what ever your next step is). I can’t promise you anything but you might be able to come along. Would you like to be included?

If you act professional and stay in qualification mode instead of convincing mode, you will stand out from the crowd.

If you use hype to try and set up the appointment, you’ll look desperate and you’ll sound like everyone else.

“Cool! You are going to love this! We will be getting together at (gives details). You need to meet Bob when you get there, he is awesome! He made $20k last month!

Doesn’t that sound desperate?

Act Life A Professional, Earn Like A Professional

Acting professional in the network marketing profession isn’t about wearing a suit and having a firm handshake, it’s about how you manage the energy when you prospect.  If you take the time and learn how to qualify and allow your prospects to chase you instead of trying to shove information down their throats you’ll stand out from the rest of the crowd and look more professional.

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