3 Ways To Prospect Your Warm Market Without Being Weird And Pushy


prospectIn network marketing, the fastest way to success is to start prospecting your warm market.

Many network marketers are reluctant to even talk to their warm market about their business because they don’t want to be weird and pushy to their friends.

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Here are 2 things that you’ll want to remember when you prospect your friends and family (or anyone for that matter) . It’s also something that you’ll want to pass on to your team members when they first get started.

1. If you feel weird when you prospect then you are doing it wrong.
2. If your prospect feels weird when you prospect them then you are really doing it wrong.

If you make your prospect feel weird, then they are more likely to say no.

So how do you prospect without being weird?

Here are 3 ways.

1. Ask them a simple yes or no question

This is really simple. Just ask them a qualifying question to see if they are open.

Remember this is about seeing if they are open not about how cool your company is. So…
-Don’t make it full of information or hype.
– Don’t talk about your up line, the company or why you like the opportunity.
– Don’t tell your prospect that they would be great at it.

That means don’t say something like this:

“Bob, I found something that you would be great at! It’s a ground floor company with a breakthrough product that is scientifically proven! I’m working with this guy who is making $10k per month! You’ve got to check this out.”

Sounds pushy doesn’t it?

Remember this is 100% about their current Mindset and has nothing to do with you or your company.

So instead keep it simple and say something like this:

“Bob would you at all be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing? “

Not pushy at all right?

If they are open, then keep going on with the conversation, if not then accept their answer and move on.

Think of it as offering your prospect something to drink when you invite them over.

You wouldn’t say:

” Bob, you’ve got to have something to drink, it tastes great and it will quench your thirst. I just picked it up at the store and… “

It’s sounds weird doesn’t it?

In reality, you would keep it simple and just ask:

“Bob, do you want something to drink?”

It’s not weird and it’s not pushy. It’s just a question.

For the second and the third ways of talking to your warm market without being weird and pushy, watch the video.

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