3 Words That Will Get You More Sales In MLM


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3 Words That Will Get You More Sales In MLM
In order to get more sales, you have create emotion. You probably know that already.
Yet there are still many network marketers that are trying to sell their product with logic.

They say their product is:
-scientifically proven
-invented by Nobel winning scientist
-has clinical studies

All of those things may be true and it’s something that your customers should care about but in the end, they really don’t.

They don’t care about the scientific hype as much as they care about these 2 things:

1. What does it do?
-weight loss?
-anti-wrinkle cream?
-more energy?

2. Does it really work?
They’ve been bombarded by hype words so saying that it’s clinically proven doesn’t really mean much to your prospect. You’ll have to use testimonials.

Facts tell but stories sell.

There are probably dozens (or even hundreds) of testimonials for your product, service or business opportunity out there but the best types (especially for your warm market) are your own personal testimonial and the stories of people you know personally. The story has more credibility if your prospect knows the person as well.

It’s not enough to say the outcome: I lost 15 lbs or Jennifer no has more energy. You also have to explain the benefit of the outcome and the best way is by using these 3 words that I learned from Kim Klaver.

I reveal what those 3 words are and go into more detail in this video.

What do you think of the 3 words?
Was that helpful? Did you get value from that?
I would love to hear in the comments below.

Create A Great Day!

Kenny Santos

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