4 Commonly Used But Most Destructive Words Entrepreneurs Need To Stop Saying

destructive wordsDestructive Words
Have you ever asked someone for advice or studied some information in order to learn something new only to be reminded of information that you have seen or heard before?

When this happens, many entrepreneurs think or say:

I know that already.

But do they really know?

If you really know something then you should have the results of knowing that certain something.

For example:
If you really know how to generate leads on line, then you should have leads that you generated online.

If you really know how to buy a house without using any of your own money or credit then you should have a house that you bought without using your own money or credit.

If you think you know something but you don’t have the results of knowing that thing, then you don’t really know.

Learning doesn’t necessarily mean that you get new information. It could be revisiting some information that you thought you already knew and actually using it.

Knowing something intellectually is different than embracing the concept and putting it into practice. If you keep hearing the same lessons over and over again then perhaps the Universe is trying to tell you something.

Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only power if you apply it.

I could learn everything there is to know about the mating habits of crickets in Borneo but it doesn’t do me any good unless I can apply that knowledge.

I could learn about making money online but I don’t really know it until I apply the knowledge and actually make money online.

“I know that already” are 4 words that stop growth and any entrepreneur that stops growing will soon be an entrepreneur that is out of business.

What sort of information have you learned in the past but haven’t yet embraced and engaged in do you deserve to really know?

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