4 Popular Real Estate Investing Marketing Tips That Will Help You Make More Real Estate Sales

Real estate investing can be a very lucrative career, as well as been highly enjoyable. One of the main skills you need to master is marketing, and part of that is to understand the various types of marketing strategies that are available and the benefits of each one. It’s good to realize right from the start that there’s no magic key to real estate investing, no one foolproof system that will always work when you’re selling a property. So becoming skilled at a number of different methods means you can select the one that seems most appropriate, switch strategies if one isn’t working, or even apply more than one strategy to a property.

Here are some of the more popular marketing strategies for real estate investors, and if you use them properly they can save you a lot of money, and make you heaps more.


Lots of local grocery stores and laundromats now have bulletin boards, and you?d be surprised how many people read the information that’s placed there. You can post a flyer with your name and number, so that people can contact you later. You can also fax your flyer to local mortgage brokers, real estate agents and financial institutions, so that they all know you’re keen to invest in real estate. The good thing about flyers is that your costs are minimal.

Convenience Items

You’ve probably been to a local business, picked up a pen to write something, and seen the business name on the side of the pen. The reason you see these sorts of printed convenience items everywhere is because they’re very effective. Hand out notepads, pens, key chains etc, and every time the recipient pulls it out to use it, there’s your name. It certainly helps keep your name in front of potential customers.


When you’ve stopped at a high traffic intersection, you’ve probably noticed lots of annoying little signs posted around the traffic lights. Even if you don’t really read them, it’s amazing how often the phone number you see comes back to you an hour later when you’re trying to remember someone else’s phone number. Plenty of people use their driving time to think about problems they’re experiencing, so imagine if your sign could put up right in front of them while they’re deep in thought at the traffic lights.

Classified Ads

This can be a great place to get your name in front of Mr. Joe Average, because plenty of people look at classifieds on a regular basis. People like classifieds because they figure there are no businesses there trying to sell them something. All you need to do is mention that you buy houses, leave a phone number, and the number of calls you receive might just surprise you. Classifieds can be very powerful if you tap into an interested marketplace.

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