4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Successful In MLM

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There are 4 main reasons why people are not successful in MLM.  Some of these reasons are obvious, while others are will come as a surprise.

Most people join an MLM because they want to make extra money and they like the freedom that working a home based business can bring them.  They want to be successful.  That sad truth is that most Network Marketers end up quitting simply because they aren’t making any money.  Here are the 4 main reasons why that happens.

MLM Training Tip #1 – You aren’t taking the proper or enough action
This is an obvious reason why someone may not be successful in MLM. If you don’t take action then you won’t get the results that you are looking for. The trouble is that the amount of action that you need to take is grossly underestimated. Most MLMers think that they are taking action but when they are asked about it, they might be only talking to 2-3 people a week. They are spending a lot of their time studying which doesn’t make them any money.

If you have watched at least one training video , or attended one training by your company then you know what type of action you need to be taking. You many not like the action but that is ok.
You may not want to make a list and talk to your warm market.
You many not want to cold call people.

Liking the action is optional. You don’t have to like the action, you just have to do the action.

There is also a hidden benefit to taking committed focused action. If you want to find out what it is, then read this blog post about it. 

MLM Training Tip #2 – Believe
Belief is so important to your success in MLM (or anything really). If you don’t believe, you probably won’t take action. Or, the action that you do take will be out of weakness. You’ll put in half the effort. If you want to build belief in your team, there are 3 very simple things that you can do. One of which is action and I talk about it below, however the other 2 are important as well. You can read about them here.

However, if you do start to take some committed action, you’ll start to see some results and then those results will turn into belief.
Action instills belief which instills more action.
Once getting some momentum, your business can start to get pretty exciting. If you want to learn how to build momentum in a fairly short period of time and really build belief for you and your team then pick up this free audio. 

MLM Training Tip #3- Passion
If you are not passionate about your product/service then you are in the wrong company. It’s probably a great company. It’s just not a good fit for you.
If you aren’t absolutely sold out that your product/service is worth it’s retail price, then you’ll end up quitting and joining another company. You’ll have “Shiny Object Syndrome” and go from company to company because each seems to have a better system or a better compensation plan. Make sure to avoid “Shiny Object Syndrome”

Do you think that you can get 10 retail customers in the next year?
If you can 10 retail customers, your business will be in positive cash flow and you’ll be making money. If you can teach your downline to do the same thing, then they will be making money and they will never quit.

If you don’t think that you can get 10 retail customers or that your product isn’t worth the retail price, then how do you expect to build a business out of it?

That’s why I like to promote things that people buy anyway. Things like coffee, utility services, soap, vitamins, face creams etc.
You don’t have to sell your customers that they should by your product because they already do. You just have to see if they are open to trying your product for one month. If they like it, they’ll buy more, if they don’t they’ll go back to what they normally buy.

This is an important part of starting the momentum process in building your MLM business. http://kennysantos.com/momentum/

MLM Training Tip #4- Feel worthy
In the end, there is only one thing that you need to do to become successful. You need to feel worthy.  If you feel worthy, you start working. You might switch the method because you decide that you need to be in a different company or a different profession but at least you’ll be working and taking action.
If you don’t feel worthy, you will self-sabotage yourself. You’ll distract yourself with youtube, TV or facebook when you know that you should be working.

It’s really a shame when smart, talented people end up failing simply because they don’t feel worthy.

It all starts and ends with action.  If you have the belief, the passion and the feeling of worthiness, then the action will follow.  If it doesn’t then you are missing one of the other 3.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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