4 Steps to using emotion to get more sales and sign ups.

characters-1299287_960_7204 Steps to using emotion to get more sales and sign ups.

Do you know how to use emotion to get more sales and sign ups in your network marketing business?

The use of emotion is so important in the recruiting process because it works so well. Don’t be afraid of using your prospects emotion to help you close the sale. It’s not manipulative tactic. It is however a very effective way of making your prospects think.

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Why use emotion?
You should use emotion when you are closing the sale because people make decisions based on emotion. Most network marketers try to use logic to close the sale.

“You should use this product because it’s scientifically proven and made by a Nobel Prize winning professor at the University of so and so.”

“You should join because this is the best company, you’ll be part of binary with a run away leg!”

Using logic doesn’t work as well as using emotion.

If people used logic to make decision over emotion then high fashion clothes would not get sold. If people were really logical, they wouldn’t care how a product looks, they would simply care if it’s functional and then they would try to find the cheapest price. That’s logicial right? But I’m sure that you know someone that will pay hundreds of dollars for a trendy running or a person that will pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a designer dress. If they were really logical, they would be paying only dozens of dollars on running shoes and clothes vs hundreds of dollars.

People make decisions based on emotion and then they justify their decision with logic.

How to Use Emotion when You Are Closing In 4 Simple Steps

I recently attended a webinar and I learned 4 steps in using emotion in sales. They are:

1. What do they want?
2. Why do they want it?
3. Is this a want or a need?
4. Do they have an alternative?

What do they want?
Once you are finished with a presentation or if your prospect brings up an objection just ask your prospect, “Why would you want to join (or buy)?”
They will probably answer with, “I need to make more money (or time).”
This answer is not emotional so don’t be afraid to dig deeper with the second question.

Why do they want it?
If the answer to the first question isn’t an emotional answer, I usually ask them why they want more money (or time). This is where you get the real answer as to why they are looking. You’ll find that everyone’s reason is different.

If they want more money they may say something like this:
“My daughter, she just loves the Disney princesses. She talks about them all the time. I would love to take her to Disneyland so she could have dinner with the princesses.”

*on a side note I haven’t had dinner with the Disney Princesses but I have had dinner with Goofy with my family and it was an unforgettable experience.*

If they want more time they might say:
“Me and boys love to go fishing together, we only go 2-3 times each year and it would be great if I wasn’t so busy with my job, we could go fishing 2-3 times a week. They are growing old so fast and I’m afraid that when they become old enough they will be to busy with their studies to go fishing with me.”

Maybe you are selling a weight loss shake:
“I’m going to my highschool reunion and just want to look fabulous in my dress.”
“I want to get a smoking body and make sure my ex knows what they are missing.”

Powerful stuff isn’t it? Sometimes you’ll have to probe deeper to get to the real answer why your prospect wants to start a business or buy your product. You’ll learn how it’s done the more you do it. After a while you’ll get very good at connecting and probing. The secret is to keep the conversation about what they want not about how cool your product or business is.

Want or a Need
Once they tell me why they want something and I know that it brings up a lot of emotion in them, I ask them a simple question (and I already know the answer)

“Is that something that you simply want or is it something that you absolutely need?”

If you are doing this properly and you found the right emotions, they will tell you it’s something that they need.

What are the alternatives?
Ask them if they have another plan to get what they want.
Don’t just say, “Is there another way that you can get it?”
Instead use emotion and repeat their own words to them.

Bob, if you don’t start this business, do you have an alternative way to make more money so you can finally bring your daughter to Disneyland so your family can have dinner with the Disney princesses?


Dave, if you don’t start this business, do you have another plan to be able quit your job so you have to go fishing with your sons 2-3 times each week before they grow up and it’s too late?

Using emotion is powerful. It’s ok to use if you are truly helping your prospect. As a matter of fact, it’s your duty to use emotion if you are helping your prospect. If you choose to use logic then you just aren’t helping them at the same capacity.

Don’t do a disservice to your prospects.


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