4 Things That My Tomato Garden Has Taught Me About MLM

mlm-trainingMy Tomato Garden Has Taught Me About MLM

For those that follow my instagram feed, you know that my summer project this year was my tomato garden. I learned alot about gardening this past summer (obviously right?) but some of the lessons that I learned carry over to the network marketing profession.  This is one of my favorite pictures of one of my larger daily harvests.

Before I get into the 4 MLM Lessons that I learned from my tomato garden,  I want to make sure that you are aware of that I’m offering a free audio mp3 to help you build your network marketing business, just go to: http://kennysantos.com/getleads

Lesson 1: Everything has a gestation period
My tomatoes have a gestation period of 60 – 90 days. I can’t expect to plant something and get a harvest the next day or the next week. Not only that, I must cultivate and make sure that my plants have adequate nutrients, sun and water while they are growing.

The same is for your network marketing business. You can’t just plan on making a handful of phone calls and expect to advance rank or even get a sale within your first day. Some of those phone calls may result in sales and others may not. I lost a number of tomato plants at the beginning of the growing season due to underwatering and win

Unfortunately, the gestation period for network marketing isn’t defined. There are a lot of factors involved that determine besides the number of people that you talk to. I wish it was as easy as telling G you that you must talk to x amount of people before you get your first sale.

That isn’t the case. Some people who have previous experience in business and sales or have influence over a large network of people are able to make multiple sales and sign ups that result in fast rank advance in their very first month, week or even their first day.

Others might take dozens or hundreds of sales calls before they start to see results. One thing is for sure, if you stick to it you will see results.

Lesson 2: Once You Get Over The Hump The Results Are Virtually Unstoppable

During the first, couple days and for some plants even weeks, I couldn’t really tell whether were growing or not. I wasn’t seeing results. But I stuck to and I kept making sure that the plants got enough nurtients, water and sun.

I eventually saw some plants grow flowers and I got excited because I knew that the flowers would turn into fruit. I was excited when I got my first 20 or so flowers.

Today I harvested almost 40 tomatoes and I have dozens maybe even hundreds of tomatoes on my plants. I harvest anywhere from 20 – 60 fruits everyday. I have more than I can eat and plenty to share.

If you stick to it, that is what will happen with your network marketing business. First you’ll get a couple people saying yes to see a presentation and then you’ll have some people buying or signing up. Before you know it, you’ll have a team of people eaching inviting several others to see presentations on a daily basis. You’ll have people join your team and you won’t know who they are. You’ll call them up to welcome them and you’ll ask them, “Who is your sponsor?” They might say, “John” and the best part is that you might not even know who John is.

“When riches begin to come they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years.” ~Napoleon Hill

Here are 2 more lessons that I learned about MLM from my summer hobby of planting tomatoes.

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