4 Words That Will Get You A Yes From Your Warm Market

warm-marketRecruiting Your Warm Market
Have you ever had resistance from your warm market?
Many don’t want to join your business.
Many don’t want to be customer.
Many won’t even have a look.

What if I told you that there were 4 words that will make it so much easier for you when you are recruiting your warm market.

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How Your Warm Market Knows You
For most people, their relationship with their warm market is very informal. You tell jokes, you laugh, act goofy. You may even make fun of each other in a loving way. So when you talk to them about the business, they don’t take you seriously. Don’t make the same mistake that most network marketers make with their warm market.

So when you are recruiting your warm market, change the tone of conversation before you prospect them. How do you do that?

4 Words
Using these 4 words will make it much more likely for you to get a “YES” when you are recruiting your warm market. When I say, that you will get a “YES”, I don’t mean that they will necessarily join your business or become your customer but they will be more likely to look at the information with a more open attitude.

The 4 words are, “Do you trust me?”

When you want to try recruiting your warm market, lead with these 4 words before you prospect. Use them if there is a break in the conversation or even better phone them up and something like this.

“Bob, I need to talk to you about something. But before I do, I need to ask you something. Do you trust me?”

When they give you a yes, make sure that you ask it AT LEAST one more time.

“Bob, I’m serious. Do you really trust me?”

This changes the whole tone of the conversation. You aren’t joking around, your warm market prospect knows that this is a serious conversation.

Once you get at least 2 yeses and set the tone about trust with your prospect you have 3 choices on how to proceed. Keep in mind the mindset of your prospect at this point of the conversation. They just said that they trust you. They said it twice so they are really paying attention to your next couple of sentences with an open mind.

1. Bring up the problem that your product/service addresses.
For example if you are in a health and wellness company, you might say something like this.
“Have you ever really wanted to get healthy, I mean finally lose the weight and keep it off for good?”
Or if you are part of a travel company, you could say something like:
“Have you ever wanted to travel and when you go, you really get to go? You aren’t cutting corners and staying a cheap places or 2nd rate resorts. I mean really go on a dream vacation.”
You get the idea.

2. Bring up money and business.
“Are you sick and tired of not making enough money? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to not live pay check to pay check and have some money left over to save or even invest?”

3. Be vague and tell them you need their opinion on something.
This one is my favorite.
“I need you to look at something that’s very important to me. If I email you the information, it would take about 20 mins for you to review. How soon could you look at it?”

They Will (at least) Look
Depending on your relationship and how well you set the tone of the conversation, they will look at the information. Make sure that you set an appointment to talk them after they look at the information.

If they ask any questions like, “What is this all about?” or if they put up any resistance, you can always fall back and say,
“You trust me right?”
“Cool, then have a peak at the information and I’ll call you back at (time/date)”

Not only will your warm market look at the information (that’s half of the battle isn’t it) but they will also look at it with an open mind.

Pretty cool eh?

Create a great day!

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