5 Things to Consider When Picking a MLM Company

One of the biggest things that will determine your success in MLM is company that you join and decide to work with.

I want to say this…

This is not a blast on any company. As distributors the argument should be about who’s product is better or who’s compensation plan is better or who’s company is better.

We should be supporting each other. That fact that we don’t “have each other’s backs” is part of the stigma that is put on the profession.

If you see meet another distributor and find you that he is in a different company, just find out if they are happy and recruitable. If they are happy where they are then congratulate them. If you start throwing spears and say bad things about their company, you won’t be perceived as someone that they want to work with.
However if you just talk about how great the profession is, you are more likely to build a relationship and if he ever leaves, you’ll be one of the people he will go to when he is looking for a new home.

The 5 things to Consider When Picking a MLM:
1. Company
2. Product
3. Compensation
4. Leadership
5. Timing

It’s a great time in the profession with lots of companies to choose from. Find that one that fits your needs and run with it!

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