5 Things To Do When You Need To Be Confident When You Prospect And Present


Confidence is an important ingredient to success in any endeavor and network marketing is no exception. Network marketers spend a lot of time studying and learning the “how tos” and they think that if they know how they will be successful in MLM.

Learning the “how tos” are just not enough, you must also conquer your fears. Fears and lack of self confidence can be a big deal breaker. Check out the 12 “Hidden” reasons why you’re frozen with fear, spinning in circles & feel like you will never actually get anywhere.

If you are not confident, then 1 of 2 things will happen:
1. You won’t take action.
2. You will take action but you do so out of weakness.

The results of not taking action are are obvious but many network marketers take action out from a point of weakness and it doesn’t make a good impression on their prospects.

You or your downline may know what to say because they got the free audio download of “Network Marketing Questions That Work”  however they won’t be able to steer the conversation and get the right prospects to chase them and WANT to know more details because they are lacking confidence.

You may know what to do when you are prospecting, inviting, presenting or closing, but if you don’t do it with confidence, it doesn’t matter. People don’t join companies they join people are that are leaders.

Gaining confidence
Confidence isn’t something that is gained overnight. It must be build by taking actions and seeing results usually over time.
Most network marketers do not want to wait to gain the confidence that they need in order to be successful so in the mean time you can “fake” confidence by doing these 5 things when you are in the moment.

SHARE is an acronym that I learned from Kwesi Millington at http://www.7stepstoconfidence.com/

The 5 things are:
Stand tall
Head Up
Act Larger Than You Are
Raise Your Voice

Stand Tall
Whether you are big or small standing up will make you feel more confident and look more confident. Bring your shoulders back and your chest out. You’ll be able to breath easier.

Head Up
Putting your head and your chin up exposes your neck. Animals do this in wild to show their dominance over others. It leaves their throats open and vulnerable to attack. It lets the other animals know that they aren’t scared. It has a “You wouldn’t dare attack me” presence. This doesn’t just show in animals but you’ll also notice it in humans, in children in the playground or even adult males trying to look macho.

Act Larger Than You Are
“Fake it till you make it.”
“Act as if”
Have that swagger. Act like you own the place. Don’t lie and say that you do own the place just act like it.

Raise Your Voice 10%
Raising your voice shows your confidence and it makes you feel confident too. Don’t yell because that might look like you are trying to cover up for weakness.

Emphasis the last word or syllable of your phrases and end them on a down tone.
If you end your last syllable on an up tone, it sounds like you aren’t sure and even sounds like you are asking a question.
It’s hard to explain in text so if you need more explanation, just watch the 3 minute video.

If you are feeling nervous before you prospect or present remember the S.H.A.R.E acronym and “fake” your confidence until it comes naturally.

Create a great day!

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P. S.
Get more self confidence by learning the 12 “Hidden” reasons why you’re frozen with fear, spinning in circles & feel like you will never actually get anywhere.

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